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In 2021, as part of our Diamond Jubilee celebrations the Board of Trustees decided to create a newsletter to bring everything in the AHEP portfolio together and Development Monthly was born. This digital newsletter aims to share the knowledge and expertise of our membership and wider community including good practice from around the sector and beyond higher education.

Our audience can expect a variety of professional development news, opinions, and insights revolving around a monthly theme whilst keeping up to date with the latest change in the HE sector. A wide breadth of contributions highlight the rich diversity of our community with videos, articles, tools, and opportunities for our readers to feed into the future of AHEP.

If you would like to join the AHEP community and enjoy the vast benefits of this network of expertise, please head over to our membership section. Contributions are always welcome so if you would like to create a video, author an article, or collaborate in some way in relation to a topic close to your heart, please contact me directly by emailing 

Meet the Editor

Chiara is a creative collaborator, driven by equity, helping researchers to interact and engage with communities. She is based at the University of Bristol’s, Jean Golding Institute, a hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, developing the institute’s interdisciplinary research portfolio and providing project management.

As an Elevate programme alumni and founder of the Global Ethnic Majority STEM Network, she brings an awareness and understanding of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Chiara leads on large scale public engagement projects such as Bristol Data Week exploring the positive impacts of collaborating with communities to create more inclusive cultures. She is the Editor AHEP’s Development Monthly newsletter and participated in a study tour to Japan to learn about International research partnerships. She has a BSc in biology from Cardiff University where she studied the effect of climate change on parasites, and later completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, Management and Leadership.

She is an advocate of reflective practice and will shortly embark on a sabbatical travelling, perusing personal projects and gaining international work experience. Chiara has volunteered as a teaching assistant in Bhutan, in Mother Teresa’s home for the Sick and Dying in Kolkata, and as a gardener in Australia. She enjoys music, snorkelling, nature, and spending time with her kitties. You can connect with her through LinkedIn or @Singh_Chiara.


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Issue #32: June 2024

Celebrating Diversity in HE: Pride, Progress, and Possibility

It’s June and we are celebrating Pride Month with articles from our community focusing on understanding, equality, and how we can all take meaningtul action. We have a thought-provoking article from Nate Belgrave, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Manager at the University of Manchester, highlighting the importance of creating spaces with a sense of belonging for all. This is complemented by a fantastic article by Dr Lynne Regan, Disability Advisor and Student Support & Wellbeing Manager at the University of Kent. This article revolves around how we can make HE inclusive for transgender students including first-hand experiences and suggestions on actions we can take to provide support. Find out more about our free-to-members Regional Symposium on ‘Community and Collaboration: Networking for Success’ taking place at Edge Hill University in late June. Alternatively, our online Professional Framework Symposium on ‘Demonstrating Responsible Practice and Personal Integrity’ is a perfect
opportunity to connect with members whilst investing in your professional development. Wishing you a great sunshine filled month!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #31: May 2024

Mindful Networks: Creating Communities of Practice and Wellbeing

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the new Deputy Editor of Development Monthly, Emily Hargreaves, Head of Administration in Philosophy at the University of Warwick. You can find out more about Emily below. To celebrate the National Day for Staff Networks which took place earlier this month, we have a collaborative article from members of the Professional Services Early Careers network at the University of Birmingham. Hannes Read, Jules Singh, Anna Crawford, Amrit Sanghera, Charlie Crofts, Emma Melling, and Rebecca Gregory have come together to share highlights from their network and to inspire others to set one up too. This edition also comes to you not long after Mental Health Awareness Week, so Millie Crook, Head of HR and Organisational Development at QAA, has written a piece on embracing flexible working and the benefits to our mental health.

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #30: April 2024

Forging HE Futures: Reflective Insights from the Conference

I hope those who attended the Conference have recovered and are making the most of your newfound networks and lessons learned. It was an absolute honour to win an award for AHEP Member of the Year so thank you so much for the support! This edition follows on from conference themes to explore how we are adapting to big change in the sector and beyond. Check out our fantastic conference highlights reel and see if you can spot yourself! Katherine Wass, Governance and Projects Officer at the University of Bradford and Governance SIG Coordinator, shares her thoughts on the winds of change blowing in the HE Sector. We have another chance to watch Professor Rajani Naidoo’s excellent keynote on ‘The Contribution of HE to the Common Good.’

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Conference Reflections: The winds of change are blowing through the sector, but so are the winds of opportunity

Katherine Wass (she/her) – Governance and Projects Officer – University of Bradford

Read more…

Issue #29: March 2024

Thriving Through Transition: Coming Together to Traverse Political Uncertainty

As we slide into spring, we open with a fantastic lead article posing the question ‘How should universities position themselves in the forthcoming election?’ by Smita Jamdar, Partner and Head of Education at Shakespeare Martineau. As we gear up for the AHEP Conference and Exhibition on 24-26 March, we share highlights from last year plus insider tips to make the most of your time at the conference from
Jonathan Dempsey, AHEP Trustee. If you’re looking for an opportunity to continue the momentum from the conference, join us for a workshop on ‘Being Agile and Adaptable’ to confidently face changes in the HE sector, delivered by Sophie Lovejoy taking place in April. Wishing you a wonderful Easter break when it comes and Ramadan Mubarak to those celebrating Ramadan!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #28: February 2024

Explore, Evolve, Excel: Nurturing a Lifelong Learning Mindset

This month Rachel Hill-Kelly from the Quality Assurance Agency for HE, and Dr Ella Popper, Head of Professional Development at AHEP, explore how the Lifelong Learning Entitlement will shape the HE sector. We celebrate LGBT+ History Month and it’s theme of Medicine – #UnderTheScope. Learn more about this year’s activities by checking out our collection of podcasts, supporting organisations, and events. As we head toward the next AHEP Annual Conference and Exhibition taking place in March, we have another opportunity to revisit 2023’s spotlight session about Professionals working in the third space and how this can be defined. If you’re wondering what all the hype is about surrounding Artificial Intelligence, why not register for AHEP’s ‘Introduction to AI for Higher Education Professionals’ taking place in early March. Wishing you a happy Chinese New Year as we welcome the Year of the Dragon and a great month.

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #27: January 2024

HE Horizon: ‘Navigating the Future Landscape’

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great break. This month we contemplate the future of HE and career progression. Read our lead article from Vikki Goddard, Independent HE Consultant and Managing Director of AHEP Consulting, delving into how we can future-proof institutions. Jake Harding, Student Enrichment Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University, shares his personal story of switching career paths from teaching to the professional services. We share a recording from last year’s Conference, a panel debate on Vice Chancellors: Academics do it better, or do they? If you’re looking to kickstart the new year with a fresh professional development opportunity, why not sign up for our latest webinar on how to develop your skills and knowledge, delivered by Sophie Lovejoy, Independent Coach, Facilitator and Consultant. Wishing you an excellent month!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #26: December 2023

Season’s Serenity: Recharge & Renew over the Festive Season

We kick this festive edition off with a video message conveying greetings, warm tidings, and 2023 highlights from Colin Ferguson, Executive Director of AHEP. This is followed by an article celebrating AHEP’s first Christmas from Thea Gibbs, our Chair. Josh Parker, AHEP Marketing Coordinator and I have put together some winter warmers; recommendations for things to read, watch, listen and attend in the lead up the new year with a chance to reflect on the past, present and future. Last but definitely not least, I want to say a big thank you to the AHEP community, our audience, collaborators, colleagues, and new members. We couldn’t do it without you! We are always looking for fresh and creative content so if you have an idea or would like to collaborate, we would love to hear from you at I hope you take an opportunity to recharge with loved ones and to feel gratitude for things we may take for granted. Wishing you a wonderful winter break and see you in 2024!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #25: November 2023

Career Catalyst: HE Insights for Professional Growth

As Autumn is in full swing, we celebrate the two-year anniversary of Development Monthly with an edition aligned with National Career Development Month. Dr Ella Popper, Head of Professional Development at AHEP introduces our evolved Professional Framework designed to support your growth as you navigate your career pathway. Amanda Owen Meehan, Career and Leadership Coach explores the differences between a role model, mentor, sponsor or coach, and how to decide who is the best person to help you achieve your career goals. We have another chance to see Professor Sasha Roseneil’s comprehensive keynote on change, continuity and community: contemporary challenges for higher education. The AHEP Annual Conference and Exhibition 2024 will be here before we know it and there is still time to submit a proposal to present. Find out more below. Wishing you a warm and marvellous month.

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #24: October 2023

Black History Month through the Lens of HE

In this edition we celebrate Black History Month (BHM) through the lens of Higher Education. Aligning with this year’s theme of #SalutingOurSisters we bring you an
edition featuring women of colour sharing their personal journeys. Jennifer Addo shares her story from historical and inter-generational challenges to current positive
interactionism. We explore the award winning Elevate programme for women of colour in HE led by Dr Peggy Warren and Yvonne Field OBE. We also hear directly from Kodi Andrew, Dr Waku Maboshe and myself on how it has shaped our perspectives as Elevate participants. If you missed it at the conference, I highly recommend Professor Dilshad Sheikh’s personal talk on smashing glass ceilings in HE and how her experience as a woman of colour influences her practices today. Finally check out a fantastic BHM resource pack released by Wishing you a wonderful month!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #23: September 2023

Embracing Change

This month we embrace change with the official unveiling of the Association of Higher Education Professionals (AHEP) reflected in the new look and feel of Development Monthly. New Association Chair, Thea Gibbs shares insights from her
career in our lead article.
Watch our exciting highlights reel including reflections on our journey culminating in our transformation to AHEP. We need your feedback as the AHEP, AHUA (Association of Heads of University Administration), Advance HE, and CUC (Committee of University Chairs) have come together to create a webpage to support the development of HE staff working in governance. Last but not least, take a look at our Conference panel discussion on why we changed to AHEP. Wishing you a great month and start to the academic year!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #22: August 2023

Resilience Through Nature

This month I hope you take some time out of the office to relax, recharge, and reconnect with family and friends. This edition revolves around the benefits of being outdoors and how we can develop resilience through nature. Sara Corcoran and Sophie Lovejoy share tools from nature’s workshop demonstrating how we can build team resilience, culture and connection.

Our Editorial Board share their thoughts on why stepping out of the office and into the outdoors can be so beneficial and productive in the long run. Charlotte Cowley from the University of Bristol share her ultimate guide to keeping children happy and entertained during the school holidays with a list of low-cost activities on her Instagram account and blog. Check out our free webinar from Helen Connor and Christian McGrath from the University of Huddersfield with top tips for sustaining happiness and motivation during your working day. Finally, do download a free practical guide to make the most of the UK’s natural spaces for our mental health and wellbeing produced by WWF-UK and the Mental Health Foundation. Enjoy the rest of the summer and wishing you an excellent month!

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #21: July 2023

Conference Reflections

As we amble into August, still buzzing from the atmosphere at the last ever Annual Conference as the AUA, I’m sure you will join me in congratulating the team for some thought-provoking sessions and ample opportunities for connecting. This month we share conference reflections leading with the exciting transformation of the AUA to the long-awaited AHEP.

Vikki Goddard, Chair of our association shares some personal reflections that demonstrate the impact of being a member of our network. Ken Sloan, VC and CEO at Harper Adams University elaborates on his panel session exploring the idea that academics make the best university leaders. Aabida Patel Senior Business Analyst at Imperial College London shares her journey from the NHS to a new career pathway in HE. Please join me in wishing Jordan Paterson all the best in his new role at Sheffield Hallam University and extending a warm welcome to Joshua Parker as our new Marketing Coordinator. Wishing you an excellent month and do take time out to recharge as we enter August. 

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #20: June 2023

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

This month we focus on the theme of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI). Professor Dilshad Sheikh, keynote speaker at the upcoming AUA Conference, shares her inspiring personal story of breaking barriers, challenging biases, and smashing glass ceilings. To celebrate the end of Pride Month, we have an article from Jake Harding who shares reflections on his varying experiences of acceptance and how we may show our support and celebrate diversity in the wider community. Gali B. Jaffe shares her journey and talks frankly about her lived experience working as a transwoman, coming out publicly and the impact on her personal and professional life. It is up to us all to educate ourselves, increase awareness, and recognise the richness that diversity brings. Have a great month and I look forward to seeing you at the AUA Conference next week!

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #19: May 2023

Digital Evolution in HE

This month to celebrate National Technology Day, we reflect on the rapid evolution of data and AI that will transform the future of HE. Jordan Paterson shares his personal thoughts on emerging technologies such as Chat GPT and what this could mean for marketing, content creation, and the way we work. Ben Watson highlights the basic principles of digital accessibility and why it is so important to keep these in mind to improve the user experience and inclusivity. Our article spotlight focuses on recent developments in generative AI and how disruption to assessments that these tools will bring, may not necessarily be a bad thing. We continue to explore data and AI through a range of free events taking place online and in-person, open to all as part of Bristol Data Week. Book you free space now through the online interactive schedule. I hope you take a moment to breath and enjoy the sunshine. Wishing you an excellent month!

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor.

Issue #18: April 2023

Transformation in HE

In this edition we align with the AUA Conference theme of transformation in the HE sector. We have a lead article from Vikki Goddard who explores the value of hiring recent graduates and apprentices I share some of my personal career development journey as well as some practical tips to inspire transformation and growth. Our spotlight article is the sector-led review of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF) from Advance HE, used internationally to support and recognise staff development and benchmark success in teaching and learning in higher education. It’s not too late to register for the AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition at the University of Warwick. I hope you managed to get some rest and relaxation in over Easter and Eid Mubarak to those celebrating this week!

Issue #17: March 2023

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Joanne Tallentire from AUA Consulting shares her experience of being a consultant and lessons learnt along the way. Felicia Amankwah and Christopher Addo investigate the role people play in digital transformation in The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. Jonathan Dempsey shines a light on the going debate around AI, in the form of ChatGPT and pros and cons of its use in the HE Sector, including a response from ChatGPT itself!

There is still time to apply for the brilliant AUA PG Certificate in HE Administration, Management, and Leadership and we also need your perspectives on the work universities do to help students register to vote by taking part in the National Student Voting Survey. Wishing you a great March and a very happy Holi to all celebrating love, light, and the arrival of Spring.

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #16: January/February 2023

Reflections: Looking backward & looking ahead

I hope you are settling in well to 2023, the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit symbolising prosperity, longevity, and good fortune. This edition revolves around reflection, looking back at lessons learnt at the Autumn Conference, and looking ahead, toward opportunities for growth.

Laura Dhesi and Vicki Lancey from the University of Worcester, provide practical strategies to combat imposter syndrome, and Colin Ferguson, AUA Executive Director, provides a much-anticipated update on the transformation of our professional body. Rachel Hill-Kelly from the Quality Assurance Agency for HE, shares her thoughts on collaborating to work towards a sustainable future, and Nav Ahmed, explores how we can develop an inclusive curriculum which meets the needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

Come join us to celebrate LGBT+ History Month and its theme of #Behind the Lens, examining LGBT+ peoples’ contributions to cinema and film and their lived experiences. Why not take part in a new reciprocal mentoring programme for HE staff who identify as being from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background, facilitated by The Association of Heads of University Administration.

Whatever you do, have a great month and don’t forget to be kind to one another, especially as random acts of kindness day is almost upon us!

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #15: December 2022

Reflections on National Career Development Month

This edition we reflect on November as National Career Development Month, with an article from Vikki Goddard, AUA Chair and Consultant, on her professional development journey and lessons learned along the way. The top tips and advice continues with Amanda Owen-Meehan’s perspective on how taking a coaching approach can help to navigate career dilemmas. AUA Advocate, Natalia Crisanti, shares her experience of being part of a local university AUA network, including guidance for starting and growing your own network. Dr Ella Popper discusses how to engage the unengaged and develop influencing skills to build stronger working relations for those working as ‘third space’ professionals.

Do you have an innovative idea that would transform HE institutions for the better? If so, why not enter our Dr Jonathan Nicholls Memorial Essay Prize competition for a chance to win a £1000 cash prize. Join us for the Aspiring Academic Registrars workshop in London this December and it’s not too late to provide feedback on Development Monthly to be in with chance to win a £20 voucher.

Wishing you a great month, a wonderful Christmas break, and Happy New Year when it comes!

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

How taking a coaching approach can help you figure out your career dilemmas
How taking a coaching approach can help you figure out your career …
Enthuse your local network, make meaningful connections, and develop your career
Enthuse your local network, make meaningful connections, and develop your career Development …
Engaging the unengaged
Engaging the unengaged | Dr Ella Popper (she/her)Head of Professional Development, AUA …
My career development journey
My career development journey Development Monthly | #15 December 2022 | My …

Issue #14: November 2022

One-year anniversary edition

This month we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Development Monthly and we want to hear from you! Take part in our short survey below to have your say and be in with a chance of winning a £20 Amazon voucher. This edition we round off Black History Month (BHM) with an article from Heidi Flanagan on her personal insights on professional development goals including a BHM wellbeing toolkit. Charlie Tennant shares his top five C’s on balancing work, life, study, and more: consolidate, connect, communicate, control, and celebrate! Our article spotlight focuses on the ‘Future of Higher Education’ including the impact of external influences from the pandemic to rapid advances in technology. Last but not least, for those new to the HE Sector, or if you’re in need of a refresh, join us for an ‘Introduction to Higher Education’ online webinar #Intro2HE. We remember those who fought for us this Remembrance Day, and why not carry out a random act of kindness for World Kindness Day on 13th. Wishing you a great month and to those celebrating Día de Muertos and Guy Fawkes, take care and wrap up warm.

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #13: October 2022

Autumn is here and it’s Black History Month

Autumn is here and as the days get shorter and the leaves turn auburn, grab a tea or coffee, to celebrate International Coffee Day and take some time out to recognise World Mental Health Day. In this Edition Patrick Johnson kicks off Black History Month with a reflective article on his experiences in HE and the representation of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic people at senior levels. Colin Ferguson, AUA Executive Director, shares details of his professional journey and discusses the future of the AUA. In the aftermath of the Queen’s passing, Mark Ratcliffe shares his blog on the relationship HE has with royalty. We also share some book recommendations on good reads for Black History Month (Audre Lorde – Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches, Chinua Achebe – Things Fall Apart, Reni Eddo-Lodge – I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race) and invite you to join us online for the AUA Autumn Conference. I’d also like to wish everyone a delightful Diwali, a sweet Samhain, and a happy Halloween. Stay safe, wrap up warm, and have a good month.

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #12: September 2022

Back to life, back to reality: a new academic year

As we slide into September and welcome new students, this edition focuses on getting back to life, back to reality, and the start of a new academic year. Margaret L. Ruwoldt provides an international perspective on continued professional development, and Anastasia Orekhov, Social Media Editor for Perspectives, ( shares her top tips on comms and promotion. Jordan Kirkwood tells us more about his new role as Associate Director at KCL and we shine a spotlight on the impact of potential student fee increases. Come join us at the Change Network Annual Open Forum or at one of the exciting focus groups to feed into the future strategy and direction of the AUA. Wishing you all a great month!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #11: July/August 2022

AUA on holiday

As August approaches, in the aftermath of the fantastic AUA Conference and Exhibition, I hope you take some time to rest, recharge, relax, and spend time with family and friends. The theme for this edition is ‘the AUA on Holiday’ as we encourage you to take a break from your laptop, whether that’s in your garden or local park, a well-deserved staycation, or a more exotic destination abroad. Sometimes the best way to recharge our batteries is to unplug them! To tie in with Love Parks Week, Sara Corcoran and Sophie Lovejoy write about the benefits of being outside. Tina Woods shares her reflections and insights as a first-time attendee of the AUA Annual Conference, and members of our very own Editorial Board share a digital glimpse into their favourite holiday destinations and the benefits of taking a break. Have a great month and remember, taking time to do nothing, often brings everything into perspective.

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #10: June 2022

Wellbeing and mental health

As we move into July, I hope that you have an opportunity to reflect on the immense change and uncertainty we have navigated over the past two years. As we continue to adapt, develop, and embrace new ways of working it’s important to take time out to relax, recharge, to be thankful for family, friends, and to really put things into perspective. The theme for this edition is Mental Health and Wellbeing aligning with World Wellbeing Week. Mariyana Bushara shares her mental health journey and provides advice on managing your mental wellbeing beyond the pandemic. Patrick Johnson explores why there is a lack of diversity in HE leadership and Myles Hanlon looks at how universities can support LGBTQ+ students beyond Pride month. Have a great month and I look forward to seeing you at the AUA Conference next week!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Your mental wellbeing beyond the pandemic
Taster Webinar | Your mental wellbeing beyond the pandemic Development Monthly | …
I cannot be what I cannot see
I cannot be what I cannot see: Ethnic diversity in HE leadership …
My mental health journey
My mental health journey: the ups and downs Development Monthly | #10 …

Issue #9: May 2022

Learning and Teaching in HE

As June approaches, the theme for this month’s edition is Learning and Teaching in HE. Samima Hussain shares insights from her Professional Development journey and how this has affected her Personal Growth. Sarah Smith speaks to us about the power of emotions including how emotional labour and emotional contagion affects us all. Suzanne Crane, Network Coordinator of the AUA’s HE in FE network, reflects on experiences that shaped her throughout her career in HE. Check out our spotlight article that poses the question, just what is the real objective of education, and should we focus more on learning or teaching? Whatever your thoughts, do enjoy the sunshine and the extra-long Jubilee bank holiday weekend. Have a great month!

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #8: April 2022

Change in the HE landscape

As we move into May, the theme for this month’s edition is Change in the HE Landscape. Fola Ikpehai provides her perspective of Change Management in HE, before and during the pandemic. Dr Ella Popper and Jordan Paterson celebrate networks, and Kate Moss shares what it’s like to be an AUA Network Coordinator in honour of the National Day for Staff Networks on 11th May. To celebrate Learning at Work Week, 16-22 May, Thea Gibbs discusses understanding power dynamics on campus, and I reveal how you can help to shape the future of Development Monthly and contribute to content. Read the Executive Director of the AUA, Colin Ferguson’s reply to the provocations raised in letter to the editor, in the previous edition of Development Monthly, which hints that great change is on the horizon. Have a great month, remember to reflect, and be kind to one another!

– Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #7: March 2022

As Easter approaches, I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine and let’s take a moment to be grateful for the shelter, warmth, and loved ones we often take for granted. This month’s edition is about Shaping the Future of HE, featuring content from our programme of speakers at the AUA Conference 2022 (7-8 July).  James Newby shares insights on the role of new providers and Sarah Smith delves into the power of emotions in the leadership of change. Aidan Grills examines student expectations and Rachel Soper explores sustainability in the midst of the pandemic. To tie in with World Autism Acceptance Week, Joe McAllister looks at using the ‘chimp model’ to deal with uncertainty and Dr Ella Popper reflects on Times Higher Education’s Digital Universities Week. We also introduce a new feature, ‘Letter to the Editor’. Jonathan Dempsey ponders provocative thoughts on the title ‘Administrators’, what the AUA represents, and stands for in 2022. Please do share your own thoughts on social media @The_AUA #Develop, or why not write a letter to the editor yourself, anonymous or otherwise to Have a great month and enjoy the Easter Holidays.

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Issue #6: February 2022

Continuing Professional Development

As we slide into March, my thoughts go out to the international community at this time and any loved ones that may be affected by the events unfolding. The theme of this month’s bulletin is Continuing Professional Development, looking at how a combination of approaches, ideas, and techniques can help to manage your personal learning and growth. To celebrate International Women’s Day and its theme: #Breakthebias on the 8 March, Annette Cooke shares her top tips for CPD in HE and Gillian Davis discusses her move into a new role at the University of Law. We highlight some great reflective practice frameworks that can be used to increase self-awareness and Hugh Jones puts forward three pointers to consider when thinking about personal development. To tie in with Neurodiversity Celebration Week, 21-27 March, join us for Neurodiversity 101, a course to increase inclusivity and understanding of what neurodiversity means. Enjoy your pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and have a wonderful month.

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

In this issue…

Issue #5: January 2022

Blended working

Happy New Year and welcome back to the world of HE. If the holiday period is already starting to feel like a distant memory, grab a hot drink and take a break with this month’s edition themed around blended working.

This edition is packed full of tips and tricks to navigate blended working, as well as exploring what the future of work could look like. We have a range of original contributions from HE professionals across the sector as well as an article spotlight in which Amy Cuddy sheds light on ‘Pandemic Flux Syndrome’. Also, during February join us to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month to understand how we can enhance the staff and student experience. 

Whether you’re reading this from your office, kitchen table, or home workspace, let’s remember to be kind to one another and take a moment to reflect. Have a great week

– Chiara Singh, Editor, Development Monthly

In this issue…

Issue #4: December 2021

Annual wrap up

This month in Development Monthly, we’re looking back at some of our most popular content from the year, with highlights to help you plan and prepare for your future development goals ahead.

We’d also like to wish all of our readers a very happy Christmas and look forward to providing you with more content to support your HE career in 2022 – AUA Development Monthly team

In this issue…

Issue #3: November 2021

Sustainability in HE

This month in Development Monthly we are focusing on the theme of sustainability. Approaching the theme from two different perspectives, we, of course, look at issues around environmental sustainability, but we also broaden the theme to consider the sustainability of our sector and of our roles within it.

In this issue…

Changing jobs | Sam Bayley
Changing jobs | Sam Bayley Development Monthly | #3 November 2021 | …
Opinion Piece | Are our roles sustainable? Challenges for Professional Services Staff
Are our roles sustainable? Challenges for Professional Services Staff Development Monthly | …
Top five tips | Zoe Fraser
Top five tips for sustainability Development Monthly | #3 November 2021 | …
Challenges of COP26: a higher education perspective
Challenges of COP26: a higher education perspective Development Monthly | #3 November …

Issue #2: October 2021

Future skills

What skills do HE professionals need to master in order to prepare for the future world of work? This is the question we asked contributors to the second issue of Development Monthly.

In this issue…

Issue #1: September 2021

What now? Shaping our future

Each issue of Development Monthly will be structured around a broad theme and in our first issue we wanted to take some time to pause and reflect on the events, experiences and learning from the last 18 months or so. As we think about the beginning of new academic year, we ask ‘What now?’ and consider how best to shape our future as HE professionals.

In this issue…

Changing jobs | Rosella Brennan
Changing jobs | Rosella Brennan Development Monthly | #1 September 2021 | …
AUA CPD Planner
AUA CPD Planner Development Monthly | #4 December 2021 | AUA CPD …
Taster webinar – Your mental wellbeing beyond the pandemic
Taster WebinarYour mental wellbeing beyond the pandemic Development Monthly | #1 September …
Top five tips for hybrid working
Top five tips for hybrid working Development Monthly | #1 September 2021 …