Institutional Partnerships

AHEP is proud to offer institutional partnerships as part of our commitment to work across the sector to achieve our mission of empowering, connecting and developing HE professionals.

What are institutional partnerships?

We have yet to find an institution not committed to developing and supporting its professional services community.

AHEP institutional partnerships provide a holistic range of benefits, encompassing talent attraction and retention, elevating the expertise of the professional services community, fostering sector-wide collaboration, championing higher education advocacy, and affording individual staff members advantageous offerings like reduced membership costs, robust career support, a well-defined path for career advancement, and opportunities for personal and professional networking and development.

The Senior Sponsor:

Each organisation should have an appointed senior sponsor who can:

– Agree partnership goals.
– Make decisions on behalf of the institution.
– Advocate and ensure the promotion of the partnership for the benefit of their professional services staff.

The appointed key contact should have appropriate seniority to influence their colleagues to engage with the AHEP. Often, this will be a COO, Registrar or senior director.

The Benefits for Institutions:

Helping you attract and retain talent. Committing to an AHEP institutional partnership demonstrates a tangible investment in the career development of your professional services staff, which is a challenging labour market that enhances your employer brand.

Improving the skills of your professional services community:

AHEP institutional partnerships facilitate access to training and development opportunities, enabling your professional services community to acquire new skills relevant to their roles.

Enhanced expertise within your institution:

Through an AHEP institutional partnership, individuals can gain specialised knowledge and expertise in their fields. This increased expertise can lead to more innovative problem-solving and decision-making within the institution.

Enhanced collaboration across a rapidly changing sector:

It signifies a commitment to collaboration across the sector, fostering partnerships and knowledge-sharing that can lead to innovative solutions, cost-sharing, and improved outcomes for all participating institutions.

Advocacy for the HE sector:

Institutions benefit from a commitment to best practices and advocacy in the sector, which provides a platform for a strong collective voice. This collective advocacy can influence policy changes, funding opportunities, and sector-wide improvements, indirectly benefiting the institution.

Why do your professional services staff want you to have an institutional partnership?

Discounted Membership:

Individuals will receive a discount on their membership of AHEP, enabling them to make the most of the career development opportunities on offer at a more affordable cost.

Comprehensive Career Support:

The AHEP partnerships provide access to comprehensive advice and practical help to support career development. This support includes valuable resources, mentorship opportunities, and training programs, empowering individuals to advance their careers within the institution.

A Career Progression Pathway:

Access to the AHEP Professional Framework empowers individuals to thoughtfully plan their career progression thoughtfully, strongly emphasising developing the skills and behaviours in high demand within the sector.

Networking Opportunities:

AHEP partnerships offer individuals extensive networking opportunities across institutions. This networking enables them to build valuable connections, share experiences, and gain insights from peers in the sector, fostering personal and professional growth.

How are these benefits delivered?

There is flexibility to assemble a tailored partnership package that suits your institution’s specific needs and objectives.

Packages can be bespoke and designed to suit your institution’s needs

Packages could include:

– Discounted membership benefits for all your professional services staff.

– Complimentary training spots, which can be utilised as staff incentives.

– Preferential rates or complimentary attendance opportunities at the association’s annual conference.

– Access to coaching services for senior leaders within your institution.

– Allocation of AHEP Consulting days annually.

– Recognition through the prestigious AHEP Mark of Excellence, signifying your institution’s unwavering commitment to developing its professional services staff.

– Authorisation to utilise and adapt the AHEP Professional Framework.

– The opportunity for senior leaders to showcase your institution’s best practices at the annual conference.

– Visibility across our channels, highlighting your institution’s proactive role in nurturing and supporting its professional services community.

Who are institutional partnerships for?

Our institutional partnerships are designed to be inclusive and accessible to organisations within the higher education landscape, catering to universities and colleges of all sizes and geographic locations. Regardless of your institution’s specific characteristics or location, we can tailor the right partnership for your professional services community.

How much does it cost?

As we customise each partnership, we don’t have a fixed price. However, our primary goal is to create appealing institutional partnerships, and we’ve designed a flexible model to ensure equitable access, irrespective of an institution’s size.

Feel free to contact us to discover how an institutional partnership can enhance your employee benefits with a fair financial commitment.

How long does an institutional partnership last for?

An institutional partnership is generally established for three years, allowing ample time for collaborative initiatives to flourish. Throughout this period, we proactively engage in regular reviews, ensuring that the partnership remains dynamic and relevant and continues to deliver value. These reviews serve as opportunities to fine-tune strategies, assess outcomes, and explore avenues for further enhancement, ultimately fostering a long-lasting relationship for the benefit of your professional services staff.

To find out more and enquire about an Institutional Partnership with AHEP email to start the conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you!