Professional Development

Your professional development is at the heart of what we do. At AHEP we’re dedicated to equipping higher education professionals
with the knowledge and skills to help you fulfil your career ambitions.

We’ll guide and support you throughout your HE career, while giving you professional recognition and providing the opportunity to belong to, and benefit from, a thriving and inclusive professional network. Whatever your goals, we’re here to help.

Personalised Professional Development

Wherever you are on your HE journey, we’ll support your development:

  • New entrants to the exciting HE professional services sector
  • HE professionals with a few years of experience looking for a new challenge
  • Seasoned managers or staff development professionals, interested in furthering the development of their staff or seeking advice on a particular issue
  • Highly experienced HE professionals

HE professional development for all

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to professional development. As your professional association, our purpose is to provide the opportunities that help you reach your potential and enjoy a successful career in higher education.

Through our suite of professional development tools and resources, you’ll be able to easily identify where you are on your career path, where you want to be, and how you can create your own flexible learning plan.

Our numerous networking opportunities will enable you to connect and develop with professionals within and outside your areas of expertise and organisation, sharing best practice and providing continual professional development opportunities.

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The AHEP Professional Framework

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AHEP Professional Framework

The AHEP Professional Framework places your career enhancement at the heart of AHEP membership. Enabling you take control of your professional development, the Professional Framework is a reflective tool to help you assess your strengths and areas for development and design your own interventions. Using AHEPs framework to support your reflective practice will enable you to grow, both personally and professionally.

The AHEP Professional Framework communicates eight statements of professional commitment that characterise you as a higher education professional, highlighting core behaviours, knowledge and skills.

Each commitment is underpinned by AHEP’s values:

These values act as a guideline for the behaviours, knowledge and skills that are encompassed within our professional commitments.

Professional Framework

The Professional Framework is a flexible tool that supports the development of HE professionals. We have created a guide to provide sound, practical advice about how you can get the best from AHEP’s Professional Framework, whatever your role within higher education. In this guide, we demonstrate how the Framework can be used by an individual, as part of a team or incorporated into institutional strategy.

PgCert in Higher Education Administration, Management and Leadership

Our Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) is a self-directed, independent, work-based learning programme for higher education professionals working in the UK.