Explore the Member Levels and Application Guidance

Browse the descriptors for each member level below to identify the member level that best describes where you are in your career.  

As an Associate…

You are likely to have just started out in your career as a HE professional, typically with less than two years’ experience.

You primarily deliver short term outcomes, directly addressing
the needs of the team and stakeholders.

You gather information to better understand your work and
the overall functioning of your institution.

You meet the needs of your team and stakeholders,
providing a professional service.

You recognise the importance of professional development
and seek out opportunities to improve.

As an Accredited Member…

You are likely to be working in a role with a balance of strategic and operational elements, and have management or supervisory

Your work delivers medium to long-term value for stakeholders across the institution.

You synthesise and evaluate information from a wide range
of sources to solve problems and make evidence-based, robust
decisions and actions.

You work with and influence a diverse range of individuals across your institution.

You are actively committed to your professional development, undertaking a range of activities to enhance your practice and support the development of others.

As a Member…

You are likely to have a number of years’ experience in the HE
sector and may have line management / supervisory responsibilities.

Your work typically delivers short to medium-term benefits,
in some cases extending to those outside of your immediate
area of work.

You analyse information from diverse sources to apply relevant
insights to your work, leading to well-informed decisions and actions.

You work with and influence colleagues in your area (both
professional and academic) as well as stakeholders.

You are committed to your professional development,
understanding, and working to address your development needs.

As a Fellow…

You are likely to be working at a predominantly strategic level within your institution or have significant expertise in a specific area.

Your work leads to the achievement of long-term outcomes for the
institution or contributes to sector developments.

You help shape institutional approaches and ensure decisions are made fairly and inclusively, navigating complexity based on evidence and critical analysis.

You influence a diverse range of individuals, both within and outside
the institution.

You model a commitment to and engagement with ongoing
professional development and actively support that of others in a range of ways.

If you are applying to become an Accredited Member or Fellow, we require evidence of competencies and behaviours outlined in our member level guidance. Before we can approve your application, we request you send the following for review to hello@ahep.ac.uk:

– Job description/Statement of competencies 

– CV 

– Professional qualifications 

– Professional Reference – this needs to be someone in a position to be able to support your application. This person could be a current or recent line manager, someone you may have completed project work for, or a senior colleague.

When submitting your application, we advise submitting the reference and any evidence of your qualifications with the job description and CV as this only aids the progress of your application. 

If you have any queries surrounding your application, contact the team at hello@ahep.ac.uk and they will be more than happy to help. 

If you feel that you broadly align with more than one level, delve deeper into the Framework to establish which level corresponds to where you are now. Then, use the examples provided at that level to reflect on your strengths and identify areas for improvement.