Global Opportunities
Where will your membership take you?

As a member of AHEP you can experience your role in the context of global higher education by participating in a Study Tour, or expand your international network by representing the AUA at an international conference

Study Tours

Our International Higher Education Special Interest Group (SIG) arranges a study tour each year. If you are a member of AHEP based in the UK you can apply to take part. We provide financial support to subsidise each tour to help make it a possibility for all.

Taking part in a study tour is a unique opportunity open to you as a member of AHEP and we are really proud of the professional development opportunity it offers. The experience gives you an alternative perspective and insight into global higher education, benefiting your professional practice and your institution.

“An amazing opportunity to see how things are done in other countries, to network with other administrators in the sector and to gain in terms of personal and professional development. A must for every AHEP member!

Benefits of taking part in a Study Tour:

• Learn about an overseas higher education system
• Enhance your skills and knowledge
• Increase your knowledge and understanding of overseas practice
• Exchange ideas and good practice
• Build your confidence
• Broaden your experiences
• Enhance your career prospects
• Explore working collaborations

Current Opportunities:

No current opportunities.

Represent AHEP at an international conference

We are committed to connecting and developing our members by offering you fantastic opportunities to widen your professional network and expand your experience. Our longstanding partnerships with international organisations offer you the chance to attend conferences around the world, share innovative ideas by delivering sessions and build meaningful connections with fellow professionals you may not otherwise have had the chance to meet.

More about our partners

The AAA represents a brand new initiative in higher education in South Africa, as the Higher Education Faculty Administrators Forum and the Examinations Administrators Forum decided to unite their efforts and become one organisation.

AACRAO is a non-profit, voluntary, professional association of more than 11,000 higher education professionals who represent approximately 2,600 institutions in more than 40 countries. Its mission is to provide professional development, guidelines, and voluntary standards to be used by higher education officials regarding the best practices in records management, admissions, enrolment management, administrative information technology, and student services. AACRAO represents institutions in every part of the higher education community, from large public institutions to small, private liberal arts colleges.

ATEM is the only professional association for administrators and managers working in tertiary education in Australasia. It is dedicated to advancing professional practice. The Association provides our members with an edge in their professional activities and gives them a voice in their areas of expertise in the wider tertiary environment. ATEM believes that tertiary administrators and managers are people who make a vital contribution to the central aims of their institutions, and who do this by excelling in their work. ATEM promotes and believes in the worth and value of the profession of tertiary administration and management.

Founded in 1937, CAUBO is a non-profit professional organisation representing the chief administrative and financial officers at over 100 universities and affiliated colleges in Canada.

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