Annual Conference and Exhibition 2025

Join us at Glasgow Caledonian University from Sunday, 1 June to Tuesday, 3 June 2025!

This year’s conference title is:

Is Higher Education, as We Know It, Sustainable?

In an era of rapid change and uncertainty, higher education stands at a pivotal crossroads. Institutions grapple with unprecedented challenges that question the very foundation of their existence. Political shifts, financial turbulence, and evolving societal expectations call us to rethink and reimagine the future of higher education. This conference poses a crucial question: Is higher education, as we know it, sustainable? 

Government priorities often leave higher education low on the agenda, casting doubt on quick solutions. The sector faces a myriad of pressing issues: financial struggles, the cost of living crisis, mental health concerns, misconduct and discrimination, and the balancing act between freedom of expression and protection from harassment. Amidst these challenges, can we envision a future where higher education not only survives but thrives? 

Our conference is grounded in the professional commitment, Taking Sustainable Approaches. We will explore how institutions can ensure economic, environmental, and social sustainability, and what this means for the long-term well-being of individuals, organisations, the environment, and society at large. 

This event is designed for all higher education professionals, from newcomers to seasoned managers. Whether you are just starting your journey or are a senior leader, you will find valuable insights and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of a sustainable future.

You can find further detail on each of the themes by clicking the titles below:

1. Political Climate

Explore how current and emerging political landscapes impact policy, funding, and institutional autonomy. Discover sustainable strategies to influence and adapt to these changes. 

New Entrants/Junior Roles: Uncover how political decisions shape your work environment and the sector.  

Mid-Level Professionals: Learn to navigate and influence policy changes affecting your department or institution.

Senior Leaders: Develop strategies for engaging policymakers to secure favourable outcomes. 

2. Financial Stability

Dive into the economic pressures facing higher education. From fluctuating government support to changing student demographics and the rise of alternative education pathways, we focus on making the most of resources. 

New Entrants/Junior Roles: Understand the financial challenges and their impact on job security and resources. 

Mid-Level Professionals: Discover ways to optimise resource use within your team or department. 

Senior Leaders: Explore approaches to diversify funding streams and ensure financial resilience. 

3. Operational Models

Assess the sustainability of existing operating models and consider if they can adapt to modern demands or require radical redesigns to maintain efficiency. 

New Entrants/Junior Roles: Learn about traditional and emerging operational models. 

Mid-Level Professionals: Evaluate the sustainability of current practices and necessary adaptations. 

Senior Leaders: Consider the need for radical operational redesigns to meet modern demands. 

4. Transformational Change

Develop strategies for leading and managing transformational change, fostering resilience, and embracing innovation to ensure long-term sustainability. 

New Entrants/Junior Roles: Introduction to the importance of transformational change. 

Mid-Level Professionals: Develop strategies for leading change initiatives. 

Senior Leaders: Formulate comprehensive plans for institutional transformation. 

5. Environmental Sustainability

Champion environmental stewardship by integrating sustainable practices into campus operations and educating future leaders on sustainability. 

New Entrants/Junior Roles: Learn how sustainability is integrated into campus operations. 

Mid-Level Professionals: Implement sustainable practices within your area. 

Senior Leaders: Advocate for institution-wide environmental initiatives. 

6. Digital Transformation

Advance digital transformation by mastering existing tools and embracing new technologies. Leverage digital innovations to enhance efficiency, improve access, and drive sustainable practices. 

New Entrants/Junior Roles: Enhance your digital skills and understand technology’s role. 

Mid-Level Professionals: Use digital tools to improve departmental efficiency. 

Senior Leaders: Lead digital transformation strategies aligned with long-term goals. 

Throughout the conference, sessions tailored to different professional levels ensure everyone finds relevant, engaging, and applicable content. Networking opportunities and interactive workshops provide platforms to share experiences, learn from each other, and build connections across the sector. 

Join us as we bring together thought leaders, policymakers, academics, and professional services staff for robust discussions, shared insights, and actionable strategies. Together, we will explore how higher education can evolve to remain a vital and sustainable force for societal good in the face of current and future challenges. 

Glasgow Caledonian University

You spoke and we listened. We are thrilled to reveal that the AHEP Annual Conference 2025 will be held at Glasgow Caledonian University!

Glasgow is a dynamic and vibrant city renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historic architecture, and vibrant arts scene. The city is home to world-class institutions such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, and numerous theatres and music venues, showcasing its status as a UNESCO City of Music.

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is perfectly positioned in the heart of the city, ensuring convenience and accessibility for our delegates. Glasgow hosts excellent and accessible transportation links connecting you to both the AHEP Annual Conference and the culture of Glasgow.

Sharing AHEP’s commitment to sustainability, GCU is ranked as one of the top 100 sustainable universities in the world by the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings with a Platinum Eco Campus (ISO 14001) accreditation and a Gold Green Tourism Award.

We are currently working with GCU to provide accommodation options throughout the event. We will be releasing further information on accommodation offers soon. Please note, accommodation is not included in the conference ticket.

Getting to Glasgow Caledonian University

Click each travel option below to find out more!


The nearest national railway station is Queen Street, which is 0.5 miles (11 minutes) from the university via North Hanover Street.

Glasgow Central Station is also not far, 0.7 miles (14 minutes) via West Nile Street.

All of the central Glasgow stations are within reach of the campus using public transport.

The nearest subway is Cowcaddens Underground Station, 0.4 miles (7 minutes) west of the university via Cowcaddens Road.


The University is located on Cowcaddens Road, easily accessible from Junction 16 (Westbound) or Junctions 15 & 17 (Eastbound) of the M8 motorway.

Campus parking is only available for permit holders and visitors only.

There is Blue Badge parking available between the rear of the Sir Alex Ferguson Library and from the Carnegie Lecture Theatre and the PhD Building.

Public parking is available at the Concert Square car park on Cowcaddens Road diagonally opposite the University. Additional public parking is also available at the Buchanan Galleries on Killermont Street.

There is pay and display street parking on Milton Street at the rear of the campus, time limited to 3 hours


The university is situated opposite the Buchanan Bus Station which is served by routes 4, 9, 9A, 10A, B10, C10, 27, 54, 68, 71, 71A, 72, 77, 87, 88, 88A, 88C, 89, 89A, 89B, 213, 240, 240X, 255, 263, 267, 334, 336, 336, 500, 532, 537, 590, 592, 539, 542, 548, 588, 590, 592, 618, 900, 901, 906, 906X, 907, 914, 915, 916, 923, 926, 976, 977, G9, G10, L1, M8, M9, M11, M20, X1, X3, X7, X8, X11, X23, X24, X25, X25A, X26, X27, X28, X34, X36, X39, X44, X71, X74, X76, X77, X77N, X78, X79, X85, and X87.

There are additional bus stops on North Hanover Street within 50m of the Student Association Building served by routes 27, 71, 87, 128, 329, CB1, X23, 88, 88A, 88C, 89, 89A and 89B.


Glasgow Airport is situated approximately 10 miles to the west of the City Centre – approximately 30 minutes by taxi.

There is also a direct bus link to Buchanan Bus Station, which is 200 yards from the University.

Accessibility at Glasgow Caledonian University

At AHEP, we strive to make our events and offerings as accessible and inclusive as we can. Throughout the event, we will be using the Annie Lennox Building and the Sir Alex Ferguson Library. There are accessible, step-free entrances to both buildings, with accessible parking available between the rear of the Sir Alex Ferguson Library and from the Carnegie Lecture Theatre and the PhD Building. There is accessible lift access available throughout both buildings, with automatic doors throughout the corridors. Each building also hosts multiple accessible toilets.

If you do have any accessibility requirements, please let the team know on and we will endeavour to do everything that we can to support your needs. Further detail on both the Annie Lennox Building and the Sir Alex Ferguson Library accessibility is available in each link.

Pricing and Packages

Early Bird Full Attendance: Member: £374.50+VAT, Non-Member £535+VAT

By booking the Full Attendance package, you will have access to:

– Join us across three days and experience everything that the annual conference has to offer.

– Our brand-new Sunday conference event on Sunday, 1 June 2025

– A choice of working sessions to choose from, providing you the opportunity to learn and connect with other HE professionals

Keynote and panel sessions featuring industry leading speakers

– Plenty of networking opportunities

– Attendance to the AHEP Conference Dinner on Monday, 2 June 2025

Please note, accommodation is not included in the conference price. We will be releasing further information on the accommodation options available soon.

Why not become a member and get access to the member discount when registering your place at conference! You can register for AHEP membership now! Not a member? Purchase the non-member full package and receive the inclusive 12 month ‘member’ level AHEP membership with your booking.

The early bird offer only applies to the full attendance package. Following the end of the early bird offer, we will release day packages.

Studying on the PgCert? Are you an AHEP ambassador? You will receive a 20% discount off any conference booking when you register.

Please note, excluding the member discount, you are only entitled to receive one discount per booking.

Keen to attend but unsure about how to approach your manager for support? We’ve prepared a draft email  for you to customise and send to your line manager, setting out why you should attend AHEP 2025.

We accept payment by both card payment and invoice. In line with other institutions, AHEP operates a ‘no PO, no pay’ policy for invoice payments. In order to fulfil orders and deliver the services required, we require an authorised purchase order number. If you wish to pay by invoice, you will need to provide a valid PO number within 14 days of receiving your booking confirmation. If you fail to provide a valid PO number, your booking will be cancelled, and you may be required to rebook at a non-discounted rate. You can send your valid PO number along with your invoice number to

Sponsorship and Exhibition

Interested in taking part in the 2025 AHEP Annual Conference and Exhibition as a sponsor or exhibitor?

The AHEP Conference and Exhibition is your opportunity to step foot into the world of higher education (HE) and meet career driven individuals that work across a multitude of departments within the sector. Whether you’re new to the sector or a long standing sponsor or exhibitor, we’ve got a plethora of ways for you to support the AHEP conference. 

This year we are giving you the chance to get creative and engage with delegates on multiple levels. We’re aiming to make this year’s conference more engaging than ever, and this is why you should you get involved: 

– You can create and develop client relationships

– Increase your presence within the sector 

– Establish and highlight your brand 

– Engage with a variety of HE professionals from Universities across the UK and the globe 

If you have any questions, please contact

Here is what some of our delegates thought of last year’s AHEP Annual Conference and Exhibition:

Buddy Scheme

“I really valued the Buddy Scheme, especially as I was attending as a lone delegate from my institution – it was great to see a friendly face when I arrived in the conference hall!”

We are excited to continue the ‘conference buddy scheme’ designed to support first-time or lone delegates by connecting them with other delegates who are familiar with the conference. The scheme also aims to facilitate communication and collaboration, as well as offering the opportunity for continued professional development and networking.

If you have never been to a conference before, the thought of attending a large event with lots of people you don’t know can be daunting. AHEP is a friendly community of professionals, but you may still feel anxious about visiting a new location and meeting large groups of new people. Perhaps you’re the only person from your university department coming to conference and you want to make the most of your experience by making sure you know someone as soon as you get there. We want to ensure that you have a familiar face to put you at ease from the start.   

Buddies benefit most when they connect prior to the conference (via phone or video call) and then meet at the conference: during refreshment breaks, dinner, and/or activities. Buddies might discuss what sessions to attend, not-to-be-missed conference activities, ways to become more involved in AHEP, key people to meet, and so on. The AHEP Professional Development team will put you in contact with your buddy group in advance of the conference to allow you to connect before the event.

To make this work, we also need experienced conference attendees. We would love to have you involved!  

If you are interested in participation, you can select to opt-in as a point of contact or a first time/lone delegate when placing your conference booking.

Take a look at some highlights from previous AHEP Annual Conferences below!

We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow Caledonian University for the AHEP Annual Conference and Exhibition next year!