Happy Networks Day!

Development Monthly | #8 March 2022 | Happy Networks Day!

Dr Ella Popper

Professional Development Manager, AUA

Jordan Paterson
Stakeholder Engagement Administrator, AUA

Happy Networks Day!


Dr Ella Popper and Jordan Paterson

The 11 May marks the National Day for Staff Networks, the world’s only nationwide day dedicated to recognising networks/resource groups and the incredible value they add to the workplace. The theme for this year is #ViableVisableVoices and presents an opportunity for members of our networks to celebrate their contribution and inspire others with their stories to create a more inclusive environment where all professional staff can participate, develop and progress. So we’re using this edition of Development Monthly to shout loud and proud about the fabulous work our networks do and highlight some of the fantastic events they have organised for you this month.

The Association of University Administrators has a strong tradition of bringing professional staff together and currently supports a wide range of themed and regional networks. These networks are built and developed by members for members and are an invaluable, rich resource of support outside of the institutions in which we work; they inspire a feeling of belonging to something much bigger. The AUA is a professional community that thrives at a national, regional and local level because of the commitment and enthusiasm of our networks. Our networks represent and raise awareness of the AUA, develop AUA activities for our community’s professional development, and communicate local ideas to the AUA team to keep us in touch with you and your needs.

Network success stories

Our networks have led the way when it comes to adaptability and resilience in the face of challenging circumstances. For example, our North West and North Wales network pivoted their successful annual regional conference to online delivery at the start of the pandemic, making it free to all and giving members a chance to attend all sessions. Similarly, our Change network adjusted its thriving annual event to run online, providing contributors with outstanding support and keeping members connected.

The commitment of our networks to stay connected and the learning opportunities they have brought in challenging times have strengthened our sense of belonging to our professional staff community. In addition, the activities of our networks have helped our membership numbers to grow, providing opportunities for new members to gain support and development and be seen beyond their institution. Thanks to our networks, we also have a comprehensive bank of digital resources on our website that our members can access to support their professional development, such as recorded webinars from the Change network series and our regional networks.

Recently, we welcomed a new Network Coordinator for HE in FE, Suzanne Crane, who, along with Gillian Davis, Network Coordinator for Private Providers, is encouraging members to learn about the wider tertiary sector. Both Suzanne and Gillian have been instrumental in providing the AUA team with advice and support in the organisation of our Responding to Augar event. They will also be leading a follow-up event in May to allow participants to delve deeper into the policy driving tertiary sector evolution and discuss what this evolution means for professional staff. This event will form one of several free online events organised by our networks for the national campaign, Learning at Work Week (see below) 16-20 May.

Our networks advocate for our professional community in their institutions and beyond, embodying and promoting AUA values to colleagues, senior university leaders and other HE organisations. We are proud of our networks and their commitment to raising the profile of professional staff in higher education. You, too, can support the work of our networks by nominating them for an AUA award, participating in their events, or, better still, joining or leading a network! And if we still haven’t convinced you about the fabulousness of our networks, here is Kate Moss, Network Coordinator, talking about the value of being part of an AUA network and a Network Coordinator.

We’re celebrating our networks!

AUA Awards 2022

The annual AUA Awards go some way to recognise and celebrate the contributions and achievements of our members, including our networks, but we need your help!

Which regional or themed network has made the most significant impact on your development?  Who introduced you to the AUA and started your AUA journey? Who has supported your professional development?

Please take the time to nominate an AUA colleague or, indeed yourself. Don’t be shy about letting us know what you have achieved!

The deadline for nominations is Sunday, 15 May. Submit your nomination.

Upcoming Network Events

  • Friday 13 May: AUA Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Movie Star Murder Mystery Competition

Learning at Work Week 16 – 20 May:

  • Monday 16: Networking
  • Tuesday 17: Widening Access, Student Success, and Progress, with a focus on postgraduate taught study
  • Thursday 19: Jazz up your day
  • Friday 20: Continuing the conversation: Augar, tertiary sector evolution and me.

For further details and to book, visit our Events pages.

Become a Network Coordinator!

We are currently looking for Network Coordinators for the following Themed Networks:

Finance and Financial Procedures

Equality and Diversity

We are currently looking for Network Coordinators for the following regions;



To apply for one of these roles, please visit our jobs page. If you would like to arrange a discussion to find out more, please get in touch with hello@aua.ac.uk

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