Introduction to AI for Higher Education Professionals

Venue: Online via Zoom

Date: Thursday, 7 March

Time: 13:00 – 16:30

Price: AHEP Member £60+VAT | Non-member £120+VAT

About this Workshop

Why attend?

This beginner-friendly workshop is designed for higher education professionals who are ready to harness the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. Discover practical examples to leverage AI to streamline your workload, increase accuracy, and free up valuable time so you can do more of the work you love and less of the tasks you hate! Mastering the basics of AI is the key to the future of work. By attending, you will equip yourself with indispensable knowledge and skills, enabling you to excel in your role and support your colleagues to utilise the power of AI in an increasingly tech-driven world.

What you will do:   

You will be actively engaged in this session through structured breakout rooms, providing opportunities for collaborative learning. Step-by-step demonstrations will guide you in mastering AI basics, while dedicated Q&A sections will ensure an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Learning Outcomes

– Develop a foundational understanding of AI and its applications to administrative roles.

– Explore the different AI-powered tools available and understand how they can be leveraged to enhance productivity.

– Develop confidence to research AI tools and decide what’s right for your role and organisation

AHEP Professional Framework

This workshop most closely aligns to:

Being agile and adaptable: This workshop develops agility and adaptability by providing essential AI knowledge for seamlessly integrating innovative solutions into your work.

Taking Sustainable Approaches: This workshop develops sustainable practices by enabling confidence in using new and innovative AI technology to make the most productive use of resources, time and digital tools.

Is this workshop right for you?

New and established sector staff whose roles consist of mainly admin-based tasks. All are welcome to attend, and this workshop is aimed at Associate Members and Members of AHEP. If you are not yet a member of AHEP, please refer to guidance on our membership levels to determine if this workshop is right for you. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

Details in brief

Venue: Online via Zoom

Date: Thursday, 7 March

Duration: 13:00 -16:30

AHEP Member £60+VAT | Non-member £120+VAT

If you have any questions, please contact

Robyn Greaves

Co-Founder, Start Sort Scale

Robyn Greaves is a digital nomad and start-up founder. Prior to launching her business, Start Sort Scale, Robyn was an Executive Assistant for 15 years, including 3.5 years at the University of New South Wales in Australia. In 2021, she won an Australian Admin Award for excellence in a multi-functional admin role.

Robyn’s passion for the pivotal role of administrative professionals led her to create “Mastering the Power of ChatGPT: a Guide for Executive Assistants” and the course “Introduction to AI for Administrators”. She has emerged as a leading voice in this space, empowering administrators to leverage Artificial Intelligence and get their work done faster, with less effort.


Instagram: @start.sort.scale