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January 2022 Member Spotlight – Luke Phillimore

The January member spotlight is on Luke Phillimore, Senior Lean Practitioner at the University of Nottingham. Luke is the Network Coordinator for our Change network. Why do you do it? I have been involved with the AUA for a number of years, joining in 2012 when I first started working at the University of Nottingham. […]
Jan 4, 2022
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December 2021 Member Spotlight – David Gilani

The December member spotlight is on David Gilani, Head of Student Engagement and Advocacy at Middlesex University London. David is the Network Coordinator for our Student Experience and Engagement themed network. David was previously the Deputy Network Coordinator for the network and was our member spotlight for April 2020. Why do you do it? I […]
Dec 14, 2021
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November 2021 Member Spotlight – Katherine Wass

The November member spotlight is on Katherine Wass, Governance & Projects Officer at the University of Bradford. Katherine is one of the Network Coordinators for our Governance themed network, and took part in proposing the network in 2019! Why do you do it? I became involved in the AUA through the PGCert in Higher Education […]
Nov 17, 2021
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October 2021 Member Spotlight – Emma Flight

The October member spotlight is on Emma Flight, Head of Academic Services at the University of Roehampton. Emma is also an AUA Advocate and is AUA Member of the Year for 2021! Why do you do it? I have been an AUA member for many years and as AUA advocate for Roehampton I am committed […]
Oct 18, 2021
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September 2021 Member Spotlight – Mita Mondal

The September member spotlight is on Mita Mondal, Quality Assurance and Accreditations Manager at the University of Kent and the network coordinator for the AUA’s South regional network. Why do you do it? I joined AUA in September 2014 and since then I have immensely enjoyed being part of the organisation and the enriching experiences […]
Sep 21, 2021
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August 2021 Member Spotlight – Phil Rowsby

The August member spotlight is on Phil Rowsby, Senior Governance Officer and an AUA Advocate at Heriot-Watt University. Why do you do it? I joined the AUA in 2016 when I started working at Heriot-Watt as a temp as I thought it might help if I applied for a permanent role at a later stage […]
Aug 18, 2021
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July 2021 Member Spotlight – Amanda Lund

The July member spotlight is on Amanda Lund, Deputy Director of Professional Services and an AUA Advocate at the University of Edinburgh. Why do you do it? I actually stumbled across the AUA when I was looking for further development opportunities and initially found and signed up to the PgCert. On looking into the AUA […]
Jul 21, 2021
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June 2021 Member Spotlight – Helena Torres

The June member spotlight is on Helena Torres, Centre Administration Manager, Brussels at the University of Kent. Helena is is one of our current Board of Trustees members. Why do you do it? I have benefited greatly from being a member of the AUA throughout my career in higher education.  I particularly enjoyed being part […]
Jun 16, 2021
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