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    Use your own writing style as much as possible, our content is designed to inspire and we’d much prefer content written by passionate professionals, not AI tools which our readers will be able to spot. If you are writing about a topic that is acronym heavy, then please try your best to explain this to those who are not specialists in this field and can understand it without having to do a quick Google! Please keep your content in the range of 500-800 words. If you wish to elaborate on a certain point, please include hyperlinks to supporting materials. Start off your piece with a quick intro to yourself – include your background, journey to your current position, skills, and a bit about your role now. Once we know who you are, you can then setup the argument/point of your article, followed by indicative evidence and supporting materials, then conclude it with a succinct round up of your statement. Please utilise UK English grammar to the best of your ability. To best understand what makes interesting content for our members and readers, please browse the AHEP blog page on the website to see how contributors have met the above criteria.
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