The October member spotlight is on Emma Flight, Head of Academic Services at the University of Roehampton. Emma is also an AUA Advocate and is AUA Member of the Year for 2021!

Why do you do it?

I have been an AUA member for many years and as AUA advocate for Roehampton I am committed to raising the profile of professional services staff and working to establish more development opportunities across the institution.  Having benefited from membership myself and I am passionate about encouraging those around me to develop their skills and networks through membership.

What has been the best bit so far?

Becoming AUA member of the year was definitely a highlight but studying for the AUA PGCert was a game changer for me. This study experience solidified my approach to enhancing my professional practice but also inspired me to invest time and energy in those around me.  I am always looking for opportunities to challenge my thinking by deploying the reflective skills I learnt as part of the PGCert.

Would you recommend the role?

I would recommend AUA membership and the role of Advocate to anyone. It is very rewarding contributing to the development of others who go on to enhance their skills and move into more senior roles; becoming more confident, curious and open to different ways of working through experience of the range of activities the AUA offers.