Digital SIG

About the Digital SIG

The Digital SIG is a group that welcomes anyone who uses digital technology in their working lives; no in-depth experience in digital tools or software is required to be a member of this SIG. We only ask for a desire and willingness to learn new skills and consideration of innovative ways of working with technology. 

What can you expect from the Digital SIG?

We all use technology on a daily basis but how can we get it to work better for us, our teams and our institutions? The Digital SIG is dedicated to improving the way we work digitally and strengthening the digital skills amongst our membership in the following ways: 

– Sharing knowledge and best practices in digital working; 

– Promoting discussion and thought exchanges around the field of digital working and how this connects with our everyday roles; 

– Supporting and encouraging members to develop their digital skills through informal mentorship and peer learning; 

– Establishing an online network to allow members to better connect and share opportunities and resources on new digital tools and technologies; 

– Workshops on specific themes or software which has been identified as being beneficial for Digital SIG members; 

– Championing digital innovation in HE; 

– Consideration of how digital tools work alongside other elements of HE (i.e. governance, management, change). 

Our Mission, Vision and Values:

Vision: To foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where members can enhance their digital skills, share innovative practices, and collectively explore the impact of digital technology on our professional lives. Through knowledge sharing, mentorship, and peer learning, we aim to empower our members to navigate and leverage digital tools effectively. 

Mission: To be a leading community within AHEP that transforms digital engagement and proficiency, inspiring continuous innovation and inspiring the use of technology in roles across the HE sector. 

Values: We have made sure that our values as a SIG align with AHEP’s strategic vision and values. However, to enhance our vision, we have added one additional value which is crucial to succeeding in our mission, hence why innovation is listed below: 

Credible:  We are committed to professional excellence and continuous improvement in order to enhance the way we work and engage with digital tools as we explore new and existing technologies with group members. This includes promoting best practice and aligning with established benchmarks wherever possible. 

Collaborative: We believe in the power of working together, sharing knowledge, and supporting one another to achieve common goals and overcome challenges. 

Inclusive: We welcome all members, regardless of their level of experience with digital tools, fostering an open and supportive environment for learning and growth. 

Personable: We strive to build a strong, connected and positive network where group members can share resources, opportunities, and support, enhancing our collective capability to thrive in a digital world.

Innovation: We encourage creative and critical thinking in the exploration of new technologies so that we can continually improve the way we work and engage with digital tools. 

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Meet the Coordinators

Darius Akhavan Hezaveh, Digital SIG Co-Lead Coordinator

Lean Practitioner

University of Nottingham

Connect with Darius on LinkedIn

I have a diverse background in the Higher Education sector, spanning roles from Welfare to Operations, and now as a Lean Practitioner focused on Continuous Improvement at the University of Nottingham. Throughout my career, I’ve embraced digital aspects, recognizing the growing importance of staying abreast of new digital innovations and ways of working.

To enhance my skill set, I’ve pursued self-learning in digital automation, and I’m currently exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can optimize our operational processes. I eagerly anticipate sharing these insights with the Digital SIG and learning from fellow members to further our collective knowledge and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Clare Baxter, Digital SIG Co-Lead Coordinator

Department Manager

University of Bath

Connect with Clare on LinkedIn

As a former teacher turned Department Manager at the University of Bath, I bring a passion for technology and a commitment to innovation. With a background in Instructional Design and Process Automation, I believe in the power of collaboration to make things work more efficiently and am dedicated to fostering an environment where technology serves as a catalyst for positive change.  My goal is to cultivate a vibrant digital community with the SIG, that’s not only accessible, but also incredibly useful for colleagues working in the sector. I’m excited to foster a group where technology is seen and used as a tool for empowerment and inclusion.

Beyond work and all things digital, I am a huge film buff and particularly admire the work of Greta Gerwig and Céline Sciamma so welcome any movie chats!