#AUA2019 presentations now available

Monday Plenary 

Winning the argument: Making the case for universitiesProfessor Sir Chris Husbands


Excellence and Equity: new directions for social mobility and student diversity | Jess Moody

Data Encounters of the Third Kind: The future of HE data is now. But what does it mean? | Marian Hilditch

What does fit for the future look like? And where does the bear fit in? A personal perspective: Transforming the student journey and developing a digital strategy | Shân Wareing


Working Session One

102: New delegates’ welcomeChris Ince MAUA

106: ABC, it’s easy as 123… but can you achieve an MSc? | The pathway from PgCert to MScOliver Cooper MAUA, Edmund Hayes MAUA, and Ruth Coomber MAUA

107: Sketch-noting: creating impactful conference notes |Katrina Swanton FAUA

109: Building teams and communities with lean thinking | Laura Roper AMAUA, Susanne Clarke MAUA and Sam Waldron MAUA

110: Outside-in: preparing for and adapting to change through environmental scanning (Workbook and Worksheets)| Rebecca Rimmer MAUA, Rachel Crane MAUA, and Tom Pattinson 

111: Demystifying project management | How to choose the right methodology for youEsther Bray MAUA

113: Professional polymaths | Developing your career as a generalist in HEChris Twine MAUA


Working Session Two

202: Forging Career Pathways for Professional Staff | Using job families and Durham’s Realising Your Potential ApproachSophie Sowerby FAUA and Claire Tindale AMAUA

203: Tomorrow’s leaders | Securing the talent pipeline into HE professional servicesChristine Abbott and Joshua Sendall

204: Self IMPROVement: Enhancing public speaking skills using improvisation techniques | Overcome public speaking fears and develop your communication skillsJess Napthine-Hodgkinson FAUA

205: How to dramatically improve student satisfaction, reduce costs and increase staff moraleDr Owen Jones and Brendan O’Donovan

206: How to build a public policy unit (or not) and get it funded | Exploring the new trend amongst universitiesGavin Costigan and Olivia Stevenson

208: Coaching in the workplace | Hannah White MAUA

210: Going for Gold (or maybe just Silver or Bronze) | Developing a successful Athena SWAN departmental application | Donna Pierz-Fennell MAUA

211: Leading and supporting others through changeJan Shine FAUA

212: From silos to synergy | Martha Horler FAUA and Carmen Corral MAUA

213: “No-one Fikas alone!” | Lessons learned from the AUA international study tour to SwedenVianna Renaud MAUA and Faith Marsh MAUA 

214: Providing more value for AUA memberships within institutionsMichael Monaghan FAUA, Jayne Bryson FAUA, Janine Melvin FAUA, Steven Altham FAUA

215: Defining the future profession |Susannah Marsden and Hugh Jones


Working Session Three

301: Supplier Showcase | There’s got to be a better way! | Process improvement for UK HEClare Bennett and Victoria Stone

303: Data in Higher Education: an introduction | Build your confidence to operate in a data driven environment; from numbers and data about students to subject TEFPaul Hazell and Jennie Walmsley MAUA

304: ‘Where’s my secretary?!’ | Moving from a traditional secretariat model to a functional based admin support structure | Emma Rower MAUA, Russell Metcalfe MAUA and Lindsey Crowson

305: Managing distressed students (handouts)| Julie Rea and Levi Pay MAUA

307: Digital Transformation: A change management perspective | Fola Ikpehai

308: Leading change from the bottom up |Leading engaged staff who are inspired, motivated and easily adapt to structural and cultural change | Madelaine Sandall MAUA and Joanne Austin 

309: Peacocks vs penguins | Leadership challenges in higher education and the impact of generational change in the workplace | Simon Vaukins AMAUA and Claire Povah MAUA

310: How to go from good to great |The service excellence journey at Hertfordshire | Francesca Coxon

311: Partnerships: What’s the worst that can happen? | How to manage unprecedented events when working in partnership with other organisations | Phil Berry MAUA and Laura Buckman

312: The day after graduation | Articulating what we do to boost the employability of our students | Ruth Burchell MAUA

314: Mindful transitions | Manage change through meditation and mindfulness | Amanda Ostermann MAUA

315: AUA Creating Conversations | An interactive resource to support staff development using the AUA Professional Behaviours | Michael Monaghan FAUA

Working Session Four

401: Supplier Showcase: UCAS’ focus for the future | Developing a new Admissions Management System for all our customersKate Butland and Louise Evans

404: Creating the largest Business School in the Asia Pacific region | Preparing our staff and students for the globalised world of work | Madelaine Sandall MAUA and Joanne Austin

406: Advanced coaching in the workplace | Hannah White MAUA

407: We shape our buildings, then our buildings shape us | What space planning reveals about institutional sustainability | Elizabeth Hudswell MAUA, Laure Potter and Bryan Thomas MAUA 

409: The changing university | A look through the history of higher education in Britain to show that we do change; we are both resilient and adaptive | Mike Ratcliffe MAUA

410: PhDs: Fit for the future? Richard Alderman MAUA

412: AUA CIVIC (Cross-Institutional Virtual Interactive Collaboration) | Working together in a digital age Michael Monaghan FAUA,  Simon Vaukins AMAUA and Kate Burrell MAUA

414: Yoga and the hokey-pokey | How to build a culture of change from the ground up | Claire Shrewsbury

415: Working with the CPD Framework and towards the Mark of Excellence Jo Forsyth MAUA


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