Zen and The Art of Timetabling: A Year On

Mark O’Donnell | Timetable Development Officer Keele University

To many people, the creation of a timetable is a mystical art, something that just seems to appear. This is clearly not the case. A number of years ago, I accepted the role of Timetable Development Officer, a job I had some clues about but not the world I was entering. I would be very surprised to find anyone these days who is not influenced by a timetable of some description. They are everywhere. Indeed, they could be the very secret of life itself. The subject became so fascinating, that I wrote a book entitled ‘Zen and The Art of Timetabling’.

That was over a year ago when my article was published in the AUA magazine. I am surprised how quickly time has passed since I first published Zen and The Art of Timetabling. It taught me much about my success as a writer and how satisfying it felt to hold my book.

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