Taking Personal Accountability and Improving Professional Effectiveness

Venue: Online

Date: TBC

About this Workshop

Taking personal accountability is the cornerstone of performance, trust, and collaboration, while also fostering continuous learning. In this workshop, we delve into the essential realm of personal accountability and its profound significance in your professional journey. 

Why attend?

You will discover why personal accountability is the linchpin for your future professional success. Equip yourself with tools and strategies for enhanced personal effectiveness in both on-campus and remote work settings. 

This workshop aims to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive your future professional success. You’ll explore the concept of personal accountability, learning how it can shape your path to excellence. Through reflection, interactive discussions, and real-world case studies, you’ll uncover the art of harnessing your past experiences to embrace challenges, drawing valuable lessons from both successes and setbacks.

What you will do:  

  • Reflect on personal accountability and its implications for career growth. 
  • Engage in dynamic discussions and collaborative case studies. 
  • Learn how to leverage past experiences for personal and professional development. 
  • Explore practical tools and strategies to enhance personal effectiveness, whether you’re on campus or working remotely. 

By the end of the workshop, you will be equipped to improve your performance and successfully learn from experience whilst applying tools and strategies to maximise your own effectiveness. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe actionable steps that can be taken to improve personal accountability. 
  • Use experience to learn and improve, building on strengths and identifying areas for improvement and what you can do differently. 
  • Apply a range of tools and strategies to enhance your personal effectiveness, whether working in the office or remotely.

This workshop most closely aligns to Focusing on Results and Taking Accountability, by exploring the importance of personal accountability and providing tools to support individuals in consistently delivering results. 

Is this workshop right for you?  

All are welcome to attend, and this workshop is aimed at Associate Member and Member of AHEP. If you are not yet a member of AHEP, please refer to guidance on our membership levels to determine if this workshop is right for you. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

Details in brief

Venue: Online

Date: TBC

Duration: TBC

Further details will be released shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact events@ahep.ac.uk

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