Achieving results

The behaviour ‘achieving results’ relates being successful to producing high quality work that consistently meets pre-agreed objectives and criteria. There are many ways that the AUA can help you to practise this behaviour, giving you opportunities outside of the day-to-day tasks of your role. For example, one that you perhaps might not have considered is entering the AUA Invisible Grail writing competition. We are looking for thought pieces on the topic ‘Why do we do what we do? – Finding our purpose’ and the winner of the competition will receive a monetary prize. This opportunity gives you the chance to produce a piece of work that will be marked according to specific success criteria, whilst also enabling you to practise your writing skills. What’s more, in keeping with another key element of ‘achieving results’ – taking the time to celebrate your own and others’ successes – all of the shortlisted pieces will be published in our journal Perspectives.

Another great way to celebrate success is to nominate yourself or a fellow member for an AUA Award. If you have someone in mind that you think should be recognised for their contribution to the AUA, then nominating them for one of our three annual awards (Best Networks Team, Member of the year and Lifetime achievement award) is a thoughtful way to showcase their achievements to the wider AUA community.

Of course, whilst celebrating others’ successes is important, it is also vital to take the time to recognise your own achievements. The AUA Accreditation Scheme is a structured way for you to do this, as it gives you an opportunity to evidence and reflect upon your own professional development and provides a clear path for your career progression. You can become an Accredited Member or Fellow of the Association. The different member statuses acknowledge different stages in your progression, whilst the post nominal letters associated with them allow you to signal to others your dedication to this ongoing development.

This gives you a brief overview of ‘achieving results’ and highlights just a few out of a wide range of opportunities offered by the AUA which can help you to further develop this behaviour and gain recognition for your achievements.

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