Virtual Study Tour Opportunity: An update

David Law

Chair of the AUA’s International Higher Education Network

The AUA’S International HE network begins its Virtual Study Tour next week.  

I proposed a few weeks ago that we use the unusual circumstances we are working in to continue to develop our professional engagement.  The internationalisation of HE will not be halted by the crisis.  If we cannot travel, then let’s turn that to our benefit and get together on a Virtual Study Tour.

Our Virtual Study Tour (VST) is focussed on Sino-British partnerships in Trans-National Education (TNE).  As well as ‘travelling’ to one or two of the big projects (the Joint Venture campuses), we are looking at medium-size projects (Joint Institutes – campus-on-campus models and dual degree programmes), as well as some small-scale collaborations.  As with all our Study Tours, the agenda is to be decided by the group.

A dozen AUA members are joining me on this virtual journey.  The reaction from stakeholders in the sector, and from VCs, has been very positive.  AUA is in a unique position to be able to produce commentary and recommendations for good practice on the engagement by professional services in TNE.

The VST cannot hope to replicate the experience of actual travel overseas but there is a great deal that we can do online.  And some things are easier!  No need to worry about what you will take back for your nearest and dearest.  And no jet lag.

We are still able to recruit one or two more, especially if you have direct ‘hands-on’ experience of TNE.  But if you are interested you will need to email me immediately!  The briefing meeting is Wednesday 15 July in the afternoon.

David Law

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