University Challenge?

Joanne Caldwell | CDT Manager | The University of Salford

My session was going to be about the current research I am undertaking as part of my Doctorate in Education (EdD). My research looks at the professional identity of professional services staff and if their relationship with academic staff has had an impact on this identity. It also talks about the idea of the Third Space professional and the rise in this type of role, which encompasses a less traditional professional services role, working closely with academics on projects or as part of a team. An example of this is my role as a CDT Manager, where I work with and am managed by academic staff.

I have already undertaken my data collection, which involved speaking to both professional services staff and academic staff to get views from both sides. I presented this research at the AUA’s North Wales and North West regional conference in January and a particular highlight was asking tables to assign interviews quotes to either professional service colleagues or academics, with interesting results.

I am looking forward to presenting next year as I will be very near the end of my research and will hopefully be able to present the full findings and get feedback from participants about how my findings relate to their own personal experience.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any thoughts or experiences you would like to share.

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