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The LEAN Registry | Slimmer, stronger, sustainable? is a working session at the AUA Autumn Conference 2019. Here our session speakers talk about the journey that lead to this point. 

Hannah Lowry and Kate Moss are Academic Registry administrators in the University of Central Lancashire who hold a shared interest in operational excellence and Lean management. Kate and Hannah’s contagious passion for all things Lean is evident throughout this session which will outline UCLan Registry’s approach to changing the culture and improving service by seeking to create a sustainable and fit-for-purpose service provision with a focus on improving processes and procedures and ensuring that customers’ needs are met (or exceeded).

By creating and developing a community of Lean practitioners across the Academic Registry and key partner services, UCLAN has created a framework for sustainable service delivery and continuous improvement.

This session will demonstrate how operating process reviews, not as discrete projects but as a journey of evaluation will give candidates understanding of the positive relationships between sustainability and Lean principles including cost savings, quality improvement, increased market share and access to fresh markets, employee retention and improved public relations.

The session considers sustainable development as that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future and demonstrates how a focus on waste minimisation and continuous improvement corresponds with sustainable efficiency. Opportunities for improving efficiency are everywhere, and all represent avoidable cost, hence potential savings.

The session will build team and personal confidence in how best to manage Lean change, providing problem solving techniques and inviting critical exploration of a multitude of complex issues from the local to the institutional level.

     Hannah Lowry
Business Partner
Academic Registry
University of Central Lancashire

Kate Moss
Team Leader 
Course Admin Services
University of Central Lancashire

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