November 2019 Member Spotlight | Diane Perrin

The November member spotlight is on Diane Perrin, Project Manager in the Programme Management Office at the University of Salford. During her time as a member, Diane has been involved with and contributed to the AUA in many different capacities.

Why do you do it?
I’ve been a member of the AUA since 2003, gained my fellowship in 2015 and have taken on a number of different roles over the years.  Being a member of the AUA has opened up such a great range of opportunities for me from being the Regional Network Coordinator for North Wales and North West, a member of the Board of Studies for PG Cert in Higher Education Administration, Leadership and Management, a Deputy Panel Member for the AUA Mark of Excellence accreditation and more recently as a member of the AUA’s newly established Professional Services Development Group. These external facing roles have been rewarding in so many ways. I feel that they represent a commitment to my ongoing professional development. They have forced me out of my comfort zone and have enabled me to grow in confidence. It’s also been a really useful way to build up my professional networks.

What has been the best bit so far?
All of it! I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great colleagues in my local AUA advocate team at Salford as well as work closely with colleagues from across the regional network and further afield too. The networking opportunities are endless and the chance to support other colleagues with their professional development makes it all worthwhile.

Would you recommend the role?
Without a doubt. The more you are involved the greater the benefit. So, give it a go!

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