The September member spotlight is on Naomi Lewis, Student Services Senior Administrator at the University of Nottingham. Naomi is the Deputy Network Coordinator for Managing Change.

Why do you do it?

Working in Continuous Improvement at the University of Nottingham, and admittedly also being a bit of a nosey person, I was very intrigued to find out more about how other institutions manage change. I have been a member of AUA for over two years now and I was ready to become an active participant and have been wanting to develop my own knowledge in all things continuous improvement to help better myself in my current role so when this job came up, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved.

What has been the best bit so far?

I applied prior to things going a bit topsy-turvy, however the switch from office life to working from home has meant more than ever it has been interesting to find out about how change is managed across different institutions. It has made it a lot easier to get in contact with other members scattered across the country and has allowed more collaboration across different teams from the running the Managing Change conference to collaborating on a best practice guide with my Managing Change Network team Luke Phillimore and Danny Black.

It was great to help coordinate this year’s virtual Managing Change conference, along with the help of colleagues from AUA and speakers willingly adapting their sessions to the online world, seeing so many people actively participating has been amazing.

Would you recommend the role?

With the number of months I have been in this role, I would recommend taking on a Deputy Coordinator role within AUA. I have managed to meet lots of people and do lots of different things in a short time since taking up the role. The Managing Change community have been more than welcoming, and I look forward to what the role will bring in the future.

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