November 2018 Member Spotlight | Dean Marshall

Did you know that there are nearly 300 members who volunteer for the AUA? They are our Trustees, they run our professional networks, they advocate on our behalf within their organisations, support their colleagues studying the AUA PgCert and they deliver our learning and development opportunities, the list goes on!

Having such an engaged membership is one of our biggest strengths, and something to celebrate. Each month we shall be putting one member in the spotlight to say thank you for their contribution, find out more about the role they do and what they get out of it, and highlight the many ways which you can get involved too.

This November the member spotlight is on Dean Marshall, AMAUA, AUA Advocate and Education Placement Administrator, University of Cumbria

Why do you do it?

Being an advocate has allowed me to engage with colleagues at every level of my institution and beyond my professional role. I have gained and used a breadth of skills ranging from planning and leadership, communication and negotiation which has expanded my professional experience.

What has been the best bit so far?

The best part so far has to be project managing the North Wales and North West Regional Conference.  The experience was both the most exciting and challenging!

Seeing the conference come together from the planning stages through to registration; knowing the part I played and the contribution and support from members, was really rewarding.

Would you recommend the role?

Definitely!  It has given me a real appreciation of the crucial role professional services colleagues’ play, supporting the activities that underpin the successful delivery of our academic programmes and outcomes of students.  It has provided a platform for me to contribute to the development of others and has proved to be an opportunity that supports my own professional journey.

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