March 2019 Member Spotlight | Orla Sheehan Pundyke

The March member spotlight is on Orla Sheehan Pundyke, Quality Assurance Officer at the University College of Estate Management and AUA Newslink Proofreader.

Why do you do it?

Being involved in whatever organisation is the professional organisation for your career is always rewarding. The AUA is especially great for this because there are opportunities available at all levels. I wanted to use my current skill set in a way that didn’t require a block time commitment at specific times and being a Newslink proof-reader was perfect for that. When I volunteered I had recently written a student communication strategy where I had been introduced to the world of brand guidelines and house styles and I was eager to use these newly learned skills. I was also able to brush off my old grammar skills and keep them up to snuff!

What has been the best bit so far?

The sneak previews of Newslink content! Sometimes life can get so busy that when Newslink or Perspectives came in I just never got around to reading them. This way, I not only read the articles, but I fully digest them because I need to in order to proof-read properly.

Would you recommend the role?

Absolutely. It’s a relatively low time commitment and is all done via email so, if you’re looking for a way to try your hand at getting involved with the AUA, it’s a great place to start. Proof-reading the various articles from different members also gets you thinking about what you might be able to write and contribute yourself.

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