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Our Good Practice Guides are a symbol of our long standing goal to share and promote best practice in HE. Over the years, our Good Practice Guides have been authored by thought leaders in higher education and tackled topics such as coaching, emotional intelligence, PRINCE2, business improvement, report writing and the student experience.

Good Practice Guides are a feature dedicated exclusively to our members.

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46Report WritingAlison Jones and Martin Toner
45Student ExperienceClaire Povah (Editor), Mike Ryder (Assistant Editor), Amanda Chetwynd, Luke Davis, Tomm Finnigan, Brian Green, Clare Riding, Jess Walmsley (Contributors)
44Writing Clearly: Avoiding Complex Language in Drafting Policies and ProceduresSteph Talliss-Foster and Richard Booth
43An Introduction to Business Process Improvement for HE AdministratorsRachel McAssey
42AUA Good Practice Guide to CopyrightChris Morrison and Jane Secker
41PRINCE2 or not PRINCE2 – A Guide to Effective Project Management in the Higher Education SectorChristopher Sarchet
40Emotional IntelligenceJames Craig
39Dear or No Deal: A Guide to NegotiationGerry Webber
38Achieving Restructuring: The Keys to Success – Includes Case Studies and Lessons LearntKathy Fowler and Christopher Sarchet
37The Manager as a CoachRachel Saint
36‘Communication, Communication, Communication…’ – Dealing with the Challenge of Communication While Managing Change in Higher Education InstitutionsChristopher Sarchet and Kathy Fowler
35Are You Sitting Comfortably? – Chairing Meetings SuccessfullyJean Grier
34Mentoring – Is It Worth It? - How Mentoring Provides Opportunities for DevelopmentAnn Morton
33Moderation in All Things – An Administrator’s Guide to the External Examiner SystemAlun Evans
32A Sense of Freedom – Committee Servicing and the Freedom of Information ActsJean Grier
31What is it You Do Again? – A Guide to Departmental AdministrationHelen Matthews, Giles Browns, Beryl Furey-Kins and Margaret Lloyd
30Managing Change – A Guide for those Working in Higher EducationKathy Fowler
29Supporting Research – From Proposal to PublicationSteff Hazlehurst
28An Accident Waiting to Happen? – A Guide to Health & SafetySue Robinson
27Data Day Issues – A Guide to Data ProtectionTrevor Field
26Just a Minute? – A Guide to Committee ServicingJean Grier
25Can I Quote You On That? – A Guide to Working with the MediaFrank Albrighton and Sarah Watts
24Milestones Along the Critical Path – Project Management in Higher EducationTony Barton and Paul Temple
23Weathering the Storm – Crisis Management in Higher EducationPeter Reader and Keith Seacroft
22Problems? No Problem! – Practical Problem Solving for University ManagersJohn Doidge and Celia Whitchurch
21Time for Lunch – Managing Stress at WorkJean Grier and Alison Johns
20Are You Switched On? – The Internet as a Resource for University AdministratorsRichard William Cox and Catherine Crodt
19Wringing the ChangesJulie Davies
18Going Places: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Study Visits and Never Liked to AskCelia Whitchurch
17An Auditor Calls: Internal Audit Explained – A Guide to Budget HoldersPeter Ennis and John White
16Striking a Bargain: A Guide to NegotiatingBland Tomkinson
15I Know It’s Here Somewhere – A Guide to FilingJean Grier
14Supporting ResearchMarion McClintock
13Total Quality Matters – TQM in a Higher Education ContextJohn Doidge and Celia Whitchurch
12The Time of Your LifeTrevor Field
11Appraising PeopleRob Letham and Peter Hill
10Alma Matters – A Guide to Alumni RelationsAlison Binns and Giles Dove
9Cheques and Balances – Business Planning for University ManagersMike Boxall, Paul Temple and Celia Whitchurch
8Figuring it Out – An Administrator’s Guise to Some Statistical TechniquesMike Joynson
7Interviewing PeopleMadeleine Jinkinson
6Developing PeopleJudith Taylor and Celia Whitchurch
5Open DazeFrank Albrighton
4The Committee BusinessMike Joynson and John Wood
3The Art of Coarse TrainingPeter Guildford and Harold Thomas
2Managing PeopleGrahame Kerr
1Can I Quote You On That?Frank Albrighton

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