The transformative power of coaching in higher education

Coaching can be a truly transformative process for an HE professional, as it can enhance your self-awareness and help you create a a road map to success in the form of a detailed personal development plan. Moreover, it is a versatile endeavour which can be applied to any HE career path, whether you are a new entrant in the sector, a veteran looking to cross-develop your skills or a professional transitioning to a new role. Coaching can also lend a helping hand in maintaining work-life balance, as well as building your management and leadership skills and becoming more influential in your profession.

“Coaching is a powerful and enabling tool for development and performance. It is one of the key arrows in the learning and talent development quiver and is well regarded by many people in organisations at all levels. Coaching helps to raise performance and align people and their goals to the organisation, cements learning and skills, and is a powerful agent for culture change and agility.” (CIPD, 2010)

Tessa Harisson, Director of Students and Education at King’s College London, discussed the importance of Executive Coaching in HE at our Annual Conference and Exhibition in April 2018. These are her thoughts:

At the AUA, we recognise the transformative power of coaching. If you are interested in learning more about how coaching can help you further your career in higher education, book your place at our upcoming event, Developing your coaching skills. 

This event is run by Tessa Harrison and will take place on Friday, 29 June 2018 in Manchester.

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