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We are all being asked to do more with less these days.  The higher education sector in particular is feeling the pinch from, among other things, reduced funding, higher costs and more demanding students.  Who hasn’t at some point been given an extra project to work on in addition to their day job, or as a manager, had to deal with reduced resources but still be expected to deliver the same?  It’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed or to wonder if you are working in the most effective way.


Steph O’Halloran
Learning and Development Consultant



It became apparent to me, after 20+ years working in HR, that there are some fundamental things that, when put in place, help to smooth the way to being really effective at work and making the most of the resources you’ve got.  At the same time, these approaches greatly reduce the potential for misunderstandings and performance issues that can take up so much time.

The Achieving your goals workshop takes you through, in a step by step way, what these approaches are and how you can put them into practice, whether you are a team member or a manager.  We start with looking at two important questions – what am I supposed to be doing and where does it fit with what else is going on?  We talk through some tried and tested techniques, such a writing SMART objectives, and give guidance on what a really good objective should look like.  As I always say, this might be common sense but it is not always common practice!

One of the most useful aspects of the workshop is the focus on conducting a RACI – to ensure people at work know who is responsible, accountable, should be consulted and informed, with the opportunity to have a go using your own example.  We also introduce techniques and models for influencing others, managing your time and having difficult conversations.

It is a highly interactive session with lots of opportunity to practice these techniques, many using your own context, so you really get a feel for how they work.  Participants are encouraged to complete a personal action plan throughout the day, and also have a handy workbook to take away that includes all of the topics covered and more.

Steph is a Consultant with the AUA. To find out more about AUA Consultancy and how we can help you and your institution, please go to our Consultancy Page.



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