Using the AUA CPD Framework

The AUA CPD Framework can be used throughout the employee life-cycle including; recruitment and selection, induction and probation,  annual professional development reviews, and providing development opportunities for professional services staff.  We can support you to adapt the Framework to support your organisation’s priorities and processes.

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Using the AUA CPD Framework

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The AUA CPD Framework is a versatile tool that supports the career development of higher education professionals. It’s a behaviourally based approach that, when embedded into the expectations set at key points in the employee lifecycle, supports a management culture that focuses on the positive behavioural attributes that drive high performance.

Including the right attributes from the Framework into your organisation’s policies and processes, and supporting staff and managers to use them well can really support your organisations to achieve its goals, at the same time as enabling your professional services staff to feel valued, and to flourish.

The Framework has been used in many creative ways including for workforce development, curriculum development, recruitment and appraisals and cultural change by over 50 HE institutions since 2009, creating a rich bank of resources for staff development professionals to tailor for their own organisation.

We can help you to adapt the Framework to your specific need and institutional staff development practices.  To find out more contact Jo Forsyth, our Professional Development Officer.

We engaged the support of an AUA Consultant to help with the implementation of the CPD Framework.  Their experience of setting up the Framework and working with other institutions to implement it was extremely valuable and they acted as a key member of the project group.  Having someone external to the University gave us a broader perspective and impartial advice and guidance