AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022
Refer-a-friend booking form

Please complete this form if:

– You have been referred by an AUA member to book onto the AUA Annual Conference 2022. Once your booking has been processed, you will receive a booking confirmation and your invoice with the 20% discount.

– You are an AUA member who is referring a non-member. Please leave the session choice fields blank if you do not know them.

Please note:

– To be eligible for this promotion, the referring individual must be an AUA member and the individual being referred must be purchasing a full non-member package.
– The AUA member does not need to be booked onto or planning to book onto the conference.
– The scheme is for new non-member bookings only.
– If the referring AUA member is already booked onto the event, we will issue a 20% refund.