Once more with impact: becoming a confident and competent public speaker


A ‘one day plus’ intensive workshop incorporating practical & technical training, peer supported reflection, and group coaching to help you identify and build on your presentation and public speaking style(s). Supplemented with post-event one-to-one coaching, you will develop your skill set to create greater impact in your professional practice. To maintain the potential for significant learning and development, the programme is strictly limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

Please note that this training is offered twice per year as an open programme for individual participants.

What to expect

About the programme

This is a challenging programme designed to push you out of your comfort zone, whilst ensuring that you remain in a safe and supportive learning environment. Through facilitated guidance, you will engage in a range of theory based and practical exercises, both individually and in groups, to explore and develop various components that make up confident and competent public speaking.

Before the workshop

You will have an opportunity to share, with the facilitator, any particular issues, topics, concerns or anxieties about public speaking. The facilitator will then anonymously incorporate targeted and related learning into the workshop where possible, as well as into your one-to-one coaching session.

During the workshop

You will explore concepts of Mind, Message, Voice, Body, Movement and Stage, through self-reflection, peer learning, facilitated presentation, and practical exercises in order to broaden your understanding, and embed your learning into your practice. This will be a lively and practical day of training, involving fun and interactive exercises with a level of stretch and challenge designed to facilitate deep learning.

After the workshop:

You will have protected and unlimited email access to the facilitator for a period of four weeks, offering the chance to further explore any learning reflections, concerns and/or issues that have arisen as a result of changes in your professional practice post the workshop. You will also have access to a one-to-one online coaching session with the facilitator (c60 minutes), to help unpack any further concerns, issues or learning, and to help identify areas for personal self-development.

Who is it for?

This is an intermediate level programme, and is right for you if you want to improve your public speaking, whether that is formal presentations to an audience, asserting your views around the board table, or boosting your confidence in day-to-day professional communication. The programme will be tailored to the particular audience, however is likely to be of most value to those who are in, or aspiring to, a middle-management role and who have some experience of formal presentation and/or contributing to meetings with more senior staff.


What you'll learn

Following completion of the full programme (one day workshop, one-to-one coaching session and email support), you will be able to:

  • critically reflect on your own approach to public speaking and on your presentation style;
  • employ, and further develop, techniques to manage voice control and body message;
  • apply stage presence and control in your professional activities;
  • identify, and address, any ‘inner voice’ that limits your public speaking confidence; and
  • self-identify areas for further development and improvement.

Your facilitator

Dr Kenton Lewis, MBE

Kenton is an educational sociologist and an experienced Higher Education (HE) manager, trainer and executive coach. With a particular interest in professional staff development within HE, Kenton has not only held roles across the sector in management, leadership and governance, but has also extensively researched HE professional identity. He is an experienced and well respected public speaker, having presented internationally on a range of HE and staff development themes. Kenton has been recognised with over a dozen national and international awards for innovation in education, Fellowships at the AUA, CMI, HEA and RSA, and with an MBE for services to Higher Education in the 2014 New Year Honours.

What AUA Behaviours will I develop?

Following participation to this workshop, you will be awarded 6 CPD hours.

Knowledge and skills