The AUA supports a number of special interest networks, many of which are vibrant and active. The Private Providers’ Network, however, is not. This is not only surprising (due to the speed of growth in this part of the HE sector), but a missed opportunity for colleagues working in private providers. Both The University of Law and BBP have topped 15k students making each bigger than the likes of LSE, Canterbury Christ Church, and St Andrews.

Re-invigorating the Private Providers’ Network is not just an opportunity for colleagues working in this part of the sector. Sharing knowledge and best practice is one of the AUA’s stated values, and the private sector has a lot to share. The Private Providers’ Network aims to support colleagues based in private providers by creating space to discuss issues, but also to promote the role of private providers and dispel myths (we’re not all language colleges above a chip shop on the Tottenham Court Road).

We will look at issues specific to private providers as well as discussing the impact of sector-wide issues in the private sector. There will be discussion groups and talks from senior colleagues at private providers, as well as invitations for colleagues from other Networks to join us for cross-network discussions and sharing of best practice.

Get involved

If this sounds like fun (ok, at least interesting), why not join in? If you are an AUA member, you can sign up to the network by going to My AUA, editing your details and selecting the network from the drop-down. The network is open to both those working in this area, and those who want to find out more.

We are also looking for colleagues who work (or recently worked) at private providers to join a working group to help lead the network forward by suggesting and providing content. We are also open to colleagues from the state sector who want to learn more about the private sector, and to share knowledge and best practice back and forth. If you think this might be you, provide your details on the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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