Microsoft Teams for AHEP members

A way for you to connect with your networks and fellow members

What is Teams?

We know that many AHEP members will already be familiar with Teams, but for those who aren’t, Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that allows you to meet and chat with your fellow AHEP members.

There will be a channel for each of the AHEP networks and you can participate in as many or as few as you wish.

You can also start private chats or calls with other members of the Team.

Through Teams, you can manage your own preferences for how and when you receive notifications.

How should I use it?

One of the main benefits of AHEP is how we are able to connect HE professionals across different organisations and we see Teams as a way to help you to do this in an informal way.

You might want to engage with one of your networks, ask for advice on something you are working on, or start a chat with a colleague. All of this can take place within Teams and without adding to the emails in your inbox.

How do I sign up

Log in to access the quick sign up form.

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