PgCert Mentor Application Form

Before completing the PgCert Mentor application form, we recommend doing the following

– Review the form to see what information you are required to provide.
– Write up and save all the sections within a Word document first so you can cut and paste into the form.
– Please complete all sections of the form. Required sections are marked with an asterisk *
– When your form is complete, please click Submit and your application will be emailed to the PgCert team (

We will be in touch with you with an outcome as soon as we can.

Please note, entry fields will display as bold when clicked.

  • eg PgCert alumni, former mentor
  • Please feel free to select multiple entries - please note areas will be used for mentor/mentee matching
  • This may also help with the mentor-mentee matching process
  • Please give full details of all education and training including school, college, university and professional courses, in chronological order.
  • Please give details of all previous roles starting with the most recent first. Also account for any periods of time not spent in full or part time employment.
  • Please confirm your attendance
  • Please provide details of your reasons for wishing to act as a mentor and details of any relevant experience. This may include formal, informal, and voluntary experience.
  • Please inform us if you require any special facilities which will enable you to participant fully in the online training session.
  • I declare that the information given above it correct. If accepted as PgCert mentor, I agree to comply with any institutional or programme regulations - please click 'agree' to highlight.