Kimberley Berry, Information Officer at Liverpool John Moores University

Kimberley's career story

I’m responsible for…

Along with my colleagues, I deliver services across a wide range of areas in the Faculty of Science. Importantly, our team is also responsible for delivering Faculty level support (from application to graduation!) to over 300 PGR students – in addition to managing the admissions process for PGRs.

A large part of my role involves working with my colleague to ensure that we maintain a smooth and consistent admissions service. It’s a role that can be complex, and often presents new challenges – but it is incredibly rewarding to see an applicant progress successfully to the point of enrolment.

Some of my other responsibilities include advertising new studentships, servicing the Faculty International Committee, ensuring new staff and PGR students complete health and safety inductions, arranging for fee bursaries and the payment of stipends, and supporting attendance monitoring, when necessary.

My typical day…

My typical day can vary quite heavily in terms of workflow and services delivered. As with many colleagues, my priorities also tend to change at different stages of the academic year. One week I could be focused on preparing for a committee, or helping to support a large event; the next week I could be immersed in progressing a number of complex applications, in order to meet proposed, project start dates.

One of main reasons I enjoy working in HE is having the opportunity to work in a dynamic, constantly changing environment. It certainly means work is never boring!

My most successful work project…

In Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), each year members of staff from across the University are invited submit to present at the annual Professional Services Conference event. It’s an engaging and full day, and staff from a wide range of service areas take part.

I joined LJMU in February 2017, after working in a smaller institution for a number of years, and attending was my first experience of such an ambitious, large scale event in the workplace. Note only did I have the opportunity to attend, but I also presented with my new team! The session was very well attended and we received some excellent feedback regarding our creative approach to showcasing our service area.

The AUA helped me…

Since I joined, the AUA has helped me feel like a better informed, more connected, professional – and it’s given me invaluable access to a support network of people who love what they do, and are equally as passionate about working in the higher education sector!

If I didn’t work in HE, my fallback career would be…

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life five years ago, but I was lucky enough to secure an administration position in an environment that was welcoming, full of great colleagues and interesting people, and one where I felt that I was helping and supporting an important section of the public. I didn’t want to leave! But if I didn’t work in HE, I might consider charity sector work, or another public sector position.

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