Lorraine Ball appointed South Wales Deputy Network Coordinator for the South Wales and South West Regional Network

Lorraine Ball has been appointed the new South Wales Deputy Network Coordinator for the South Wales and South West regional network. We asked Lorraine to share a little bit about herself.

Lorraine’s background

In June 2021 I will have worked in HE at the Cardiff University for 21 years.  Since joining the university I have been engaged in managing people, processes and projects within University IT.  My current role as Service Manager within the Transition Team sees me working closely with IT architecture, technical teams, suppliers and professional services staff to support service introductions and implement service improvements and business change.  I am also actively engaged in staff wellbeing, technical forums and business continuity.

My introduction to the AUA began when I successful applied for sponsorship to complete the AUA Postgraduate Certificate in Administration, Management and Leadership affiliated with Nottingham University.  I found the course a huge challenge at the time and benefitted immensely from having an AUA mentor from Bristol University. Completing the course has definitely boosted my confidence and increased my passion for self-development.  I learned how to self-reflect and professionally, membership of the AUA has raised my profile within IT and across the university. 

Having a greater understanding of the HE sector though AUA engagement and collaboration enabled me to attend the 2021 AUA Conference.  This in-turn has given me a number of opportunities, of which I see this post as one.  I hope to support the network, AUA and members and I’m looking forward to working with Melissa and Sally and the team to support and develop AUA values and initiatives and to get to know all the AUA South West members through local events.