AHEP Governance SIG Deputy Coordinator(s)

Location: Remote

Salary: Volunteer

Closing Date: Monday, 17 June 2024

About the SIG:

Would you like to take your professional development further with the AHEP SIG of the Year 2024? 

AHEP’s Governance SIG was launched in 2019 to bring together anyone in a HE professional services role with a professional specialism, remit or interest in corporate and/or academic governance. 

We aim to create a collaborative and mutually supportive professional community for all those who work in different areas of governance, and those who seek to understand more about this essential and diverse area of work.

Over 220 people from a wide range of institutions across the UK have already joined the network and we look forward to continuing to grow and develop.


As a Deputy Coordinator of the Governance SIG, you will be involved in planning, co-ordination and delivery of SIG activities.  This could be anything from planning the SIG’s annual calendar of events to facilitating a discussion session or linking up with colleagues from across the sector on a dedicated project.  And so much more besides.

Key Responsibilities:

– Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate the exchange of ideas, resources, and best practices among SIG members, contributing to a collective pool of expertise.

– Liaison: Being the point of contact for those within and beyond the SIG involved in particular SIG activities e.g. an external speaker delivering a themed session.

– Logistical Support: working with the SIG Lead Coordinators to arrange national and local digital meetups, providing event support and follow up actions

– Community Building: Cultivate a sense of belonging for SIG members, creating a supportive network for those passionate about Governance.


– Experience in Governance or similar initiatives within the higher education sector

– Strong organisational and leadership skills.

– Ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders

– Excellent and varied communication and advocacy skills

For further detail on the responsibilities and benefits of being an AHEP SIG Coordinator, please access our SIG Guidance Handbook. This document outlines the essential expectations and tasks that coordinators might engage in and aims to provide coordinators with comprehensive support in navigating the various aspects involved in forming, organising, and managing their groups effectively.

Interviews for this position will take place from Tuesday, 25 June. A member of the AHEP team will contact you to confirm the outcome of your application and arrange an interview date and time following the closing date.

Location: Remote (with discounted places available at AHEP events such as the AHEP Annual Conference)

All SIG events are currently held digitally but there may be scope for face-to-face events in the future.

Salary: Volunteer

Closing Date: Monday, 17 June 2024

How to apply: Please supply an up-to-date CV and a cover letter of no more than one page / 750 words detailing your commitment to the SIG and how you would showcase this within your role as a coordinator.

Please specify the SIG and the role that you are applying for within your application.

For further guidance on the roles, responsibilities and benefits of being a SIG Coordinator, please read our SIG Handbook.

If you have any further questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact hello@ahep.ac.uk.