Independent Providers’ SIG

About the Independent Providers’ SIG

The Independent Providers’ SIG brings together colleagues from independent/private providers of HE. This group is a place to seek/provide support and mentorship for colleagues new to this part of the sector, particularly those transitioning from the state sector.

What can you expect from the Independent Providers’ SIG?

– This SIG supports the inclusion of the independent sector as a credible part of the HE landscape, and acknowledges those working in this part of the sector as highly skilled professionals.

– As a member of this SIG, there will also be opportunities to collaborate with other AHEP SIGs to share learning from the independent sector into the state sector for the betterment of all.

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Meet the Coordinators

Gillian Davis, Independent Providers’ SIG Lead Coordinator

Director of Assessment

University of Law

Gillian Davis has worked in Higher Education for more than a decade.  Taking roles across central Registry, local College/Faculty departments, and central operational teams, Gillian has developed a broad knowledge of the various challenges that each type of role brings.  Gillian has worked in Russell Group and new universities and most recently moved from University of Birmingham to University of Law. In the latest move Gillian has been keen to build links with other colleagues working in the private/independent sector in order to seek and provide support as well as increasing the profile of independent part of the sector.