Early Careers and New to HE Collective SIG

About the Early Careers and New to HE Collective SIG

This SIG is a community of staff that is supportive of those new to HE regardless of length of career and position, through guidance and expertise of those experienced in the HE (and adjacent) sector. As a collective, all staff involved will support and provide guidance in navigating the wider HE sector and encourage wider involvement within the association. This SIG supports staff new to HE beyond their institutional transition and exposes colleagues to different institutional roles, departments/areas and types, understand wider policy, and interact wider with other SIGs to bring in expert knowledge to be well-rounded HE staff.

What can you expect from the Early Careers and New to HE Collective SIG?

–  A sounding board for staff navigating complex work places and challenges within the sector

– A pipeline for new AHEP members that explores the AHEP member levels and Professional Framework, by acting as an informal collective network, creating connections, sharing job roles for recruitment, building on the ‘intro to HE webinar’, and being a wider pipeline into the PGCert, all in order to retain HE staff as a sector

– Coaching opportunities with the guidance from staff that are not new in HE to share the breadth and wealth of the wider sector

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Meet the Coordinators

Emelie Helsen, Lead Coordinator, Early Careers and New to HE Collective SIG

Campus Manager

CU London

Emelie is an experienced Higher Education blended professional with a background in academia, professional support services and Students’ Unions over the course of 20+ years at different institutional types in the UK and the USA. She has a Master’s in Student Affairs Administration (Michigan State University) and is currently completing her EdD in Education and Social Justice at the University of Birmingham. She has worked in a variety of functional areas where she always aims to centre the students. Emelie enjoys open, honest and transparent conversations, structures and environments and happily challenges the status quo. 

Sandra Mikosinska, Lead Coordinator, Early Careers and New to HE Collective SIG

Student Records Officer

University of East London

My name is Sandra and I am excited to share my journey with you. My career in Higher Education began in December 2022, and I am currently part of the Student Records Team at the University of East London. However, this was not always the case. Before entering the world of HE, I worked in law enforcement and Further Education.

My current responsibilities include everything from enrolment through module registration, to attending progression boards, as well as handling change of circumstances. With almost 40 collaborative partnerships under my care, I also look after some of the more complex on-campus provisions such as Professional Doctorates or apprenticeships. Despite being new to the world of HE, I am eager to explore all areas of the sector that pique my interest. Who knows where this journey will take me? But I am ready for whatever comes my way and this SIG is definitely a good start point for all new and curious about the sector.