Bespoke learning and development

We are a long established and trusted provider of professional development for professional services staff. We are also experts in professional behaviours and can deliver tailored professional development to enable your teams to achieve your organisational goals.

“It was great value to be able to have a larger group of colleagues take the training in house”

“I really appreciated the opportunity to sit and have that protected time to reflect on my needs and development”

Bespoke learning and development

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We developed the AUA CPD Framework to provide the sector with a common national approach to CPD for professional services staff in UK higher education. It provides higher education organisations with a broad structure to help identify the CPD needs of staff and to plan and deliver tailored development activities in support of organisational objectives.

The Framework consists of nine professional behaviours which highlight behaviour patterns that distinguish effective performance in higher education professional services roles.

logo cpd framework engaging with the wider context

We have designed and delivered bespoke learning and development that focuses on one or more of the professional behaviours for a number of higher educations organisations and can do the same for your organisation. The behaviours are universal across all roles and identify how an individual does the job enabling individuals to clarify what they can do to develop in their roles and ultimately to deliver your organisation’s strategic plan.

To find out how we can support your organisation email our Professional Development Officer, Jo Forsyth.

A very useful session. It was precious time to sit and think about how and what we deliver to students as a team, and how to improve my own role in a way that will improve the student experience.

Being aware of own behaviour and mindful of how it impacts on others, enhancing personal skills to adapt professional practice accordingly.

Providing the best quality service to external and internal clients. Building genuine and open long-term relationships in order to drive up service standards.

Taking a holistic view and working enthusiastically to analyse problems and to develop workable solutions. Identifying opportunities for innovation.

Being open to and engaging with new ideas and ways of working. Adjusting to unfamiliar situations, shifting demands and changing roles.

Identifying and making the most productive use of resources including people, time, information, networks and budgets.

Enhancing your contribution to the organisation through an understanding of the bigger picture and showing commitment to organisational values.

Showing commitment to own ongoing professional development. Supporting and encouraging others to develop their professional knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to reach their full potential.

Working collaboratively with others in order to achieve objectives. Recognising and valuing the different contributions people bring to this process.

Consistently meeting agreed objectives and success criteria. Taking personal responsibility for getting things done.