AUA CPD Planner

We’ve created this interactive CPD Planner exclusively for AUA members. Based on the AUA CPD Framework, it’s designed to help you to identify strengths and areas for improvement for each of the AUA’s nine professional behaviours. It takes a few minutes to use and you receive outcomes immediately.

Get started

1 Choose your behaviour(s)
Simply choose the behaviour(s) to review and you’ll be asked a series of questions relating to each behaviour.

2 Answer the questions
The questions will only take a few minutes to answer and you will receive one of the following outcomes; ‘developing’, ‘partial strength’, ‘well developed’, on screen and via email.

3 Plan your development
You will be given some suggested actions or ways you can improve or develop in that area, or further build on your strengths. The outcomes may provide suggested changes on ways to approach your professional practice, specific AUA activity, reading or events/webinars. Choose those activities or suggested changes you want to implement. Some may be more relevant to your role or areas for development.

4 Try new approaches/development activities
Implement your new approaches to your professional practice and development activities – give yourself a specified timeframe in line with your development plan.

5 Reflect
Take time to consider how the new approach has improved your professional practice

6 Revisit your outcomes
Is there anything else you would like to try?

Repeat steps 1 and 2 to see how your professional practice has improved

Ways to use the planner

There are a number of ways you can use the planner, for example:

  • To help identify and reflect on your strengths and areas to develop against the behaviours
  • Plan your development using some of the suggestions provided
  • Use as a starting point if you are applying for accredited membership or fellowship to plan your future CPD activity, or identify your existing strengths
  • Reflect on the way you approach your current role
  • Use it as part of your preparations for your PDR/appraisal, to plan potential development activity