Tips and messages to get your conference attendance approved

How does the conference cater to your work interests?
With over 60 working sessions, two plenaries and four keynotes, the AUA Annual Conference will offer you the knowledge and skills to deal with a wide variety of issues the sector is currently facing. Identify which sessions could give you the answer to your team’s most pressing issues, and give your manager clear, practical examples.

Proactively plan deadlines
When you talk to your manager, come prepared with a plan for how your projects, responsibilities, or quotas will be managed for the days that you are away at the AUA Annual Conference

Reframe the issue of time
Attending an event like the AUA Annual Conference puts you into a different head space and allows you to focus on different things than you normally do. Taking a step back and enjoying two days of unhindered learning will shine new light on the most pressing matters your department is facing, helping you find better and creative ways of overcoming them.

Show why networking matters
Making organic connections with your higher education peers at AUA 2019 is not only great for personal brand building, it is also a great way to forge new partnerships, recruit future employees, and elevate the presence of your institution.

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